Solaris to Linux migration

Dear folks we are working on Migrating C++ code from Solaris to linux environment.

We are getting some compilation errors.
Can U please help me in this...
error: ISO C++ forbids declaration of âPrintHeaderâ with no type
error: ISO C++ forbids declaration of âPrintMetaTagsâ with no type
In member function âint CHTMLSecurity::IsAuthorized()â:
warning: converting to non-pointer type âcharâ from NULL
This has probably more to do with the change of compiler, but hard to say without seeing the code.
Hi Peter,
Thanks for your reply...
Will it be possible for you to help me?
I can show you the code

Thanks a lot for your reply
I will try to help you if you show the code.
Could U please enable ur private messages.. So that I can share my personal contact details.

Thanks a lot
Can't you post the relevant code here?
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