Hello I am new to C/C++ programming through Linux/Unix right now I am using Ubntu 12.04. withg gcc package installed.
Q->I just want suggestion in terms of books to read which helps me?
Q-> I just want to know the steps from where and how to start?
Welcome to linux and C++ worlds ;)
For compiling C++ programs you need to install g++ package.
your answers, There is a tutorial in pdf format in this site which is a good start for learning C++.
thanx for reply
I know C++ I just want to know how to use it on ubntu 12.04
You can use any text editor, like Gedit to work with cpp files. Then you can compile on Terminal


If you like IDEs try out Geany; it is lightweight and easy to use.
Geany, Eclipse, Code::Blocks etc are all good for c++ programming in linux. But almost all of them use GCC/G++ as a base compiler so you need to install g++ first.
If you want to use command line, use
g++ source.cpp
. this creates a a.out binary program. Then use
to run program in terminal.
If you want to use an IDE, mentioned IDEs are all good.
I strongly recommend working form the command line. You'll get a better understanding of how thing work. In my linux VM, I just use emacs for an editor, with g++ compiler.

Every *nix machine will come with vi built in as a text editor. But it's really ancient and can be a pain to use at first. So I recommend emacs, it has a lot of the same functionality as vi, but without the huge hassle to use.
vim is fun win u learn the commands. speaking of which you look and feel really cool when you use linux commands
what your .emacs file look like?I been have a hard time setup my .emacs for C/C++.
Eh, emacs can be a pain to use as well though.
i try to find out what a .vimrc and emacs file would both look like it C/C++ to get a idea how i can make mine.I know the gvim has cvim.zip for a addon.
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I don't really use emacs for much besides auto indent and syntax highlighting, so it's not too hard to set that up. And I think it's much more intuitive to use than vim
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