NCurses : string capture with special keys

Hi everybody, i'm developing a small terminal simulator, and I need to capture a string and special keys at same time but i'm not able to capture these special keys.

Overall I need capture arrow keys to use them how history (equal to a bash terminal).

For the capture string i use mvwaddstr() function.

Any suggestion will be welcome.

Best regards.
Special keys are returned by wgetch() itself

they are defined in curses.h
the keys are defined as KEY_BREAK, KEY_DOWN, KEY_UP etc.

To use this you need to enable "keypad" like keyed( window_name, TRUE );

For more info you can "man getch" and "man keypad", if you are on Windows then try
First, thanks for the reply

And second, I seem rare than it doesn't exists a solution to unify the capture of a string and these special keys.

So if I wanted to do this there is only one way and this is create a parser of messages with wgetch(), char by char. That lazy! ;(

Best regards. ;)
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