Find a solution for invoid the programe coredump

Hi ,
Recently,our program has coredump twice unfortunately.
It developed by the c++ and run in the SUSE linux platform.
After it coredump,I check and research the reason.
At that time, one is we replaced a shared library called
At another time, our customer has reinstalled oracle, guess occi related .so files have been deleted and replaced.

So we guess it caused by the related so file has been replaced.
But I have tried sometimes ,wrote a programe and deleted or replaced the .so files, it didn't coredump as i thought.

In order to satisfy the customer, we must get a solution for invoid the program coredump.
Can you who kindly give me some suggestion about the reason and howto?
Thanks for any attention for this.

You could analyze the core file with gdb or some other debugger.
Did you take a look at the call stack?
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