Terminal Emulator for Androids

Hi guys... Am having a software called "Terminal Emulator" in my Android... I heard this Terminal Emulator to be linked with Linux as Android OS is based on Linux ( i think :P )... Can anyone say whats its use and how can i use it? What pre-requisites or what knowledge should i have to use it?
well... the andriod os is linux yes and its open source so just search andriod ice cream terminal
it's a language
gosh tats too short for an answer :P well m a entire new bie to comps and only know c++ and not any other languages... and i feel t internet s not giving me understandable info for my level... expecting people who know it to xplain! cud b useful for others too...
no the terminal is a command line interpreter for the language shell scripting and at swatsid ur last post didnt make any sense my last post told you exactly what to do. we can help but you need to be clear
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