cannot execute binary file

Hi when I run my program, I got "cannot execute binary file". Why is that so? If anyone know, pls kindly tell me. Thanks
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whats the exe called? cause if it was compiled on mac or windows it wont work
I will describe you more about my situation. Actually I m trying to connect my laptop and my robot with TCP/IP socket programming. My robot also used ubuntu OS as well. My compiler to compile my program and the rest of my robot programs is G++ compiler. So after I wrote my program, I opened the directory which it is located in terminal. And I used

sudo su

for as a root user

after that I used

sudo make

to make "Makefile" between my program and the rest of programs. I was ok until that.

And after that I run my program like this

./connection.o "" 4547

Cannot run. and the error is like that
bash: ./connection.o: cannot execute binary file

Why is that so? Thanks

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I am also using ubuntu 11.10.
`connection.o' is just an object file, it is not executable.
Post your makefile

In general, you shouldn't `make' as root.
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and u shouldnt compile as root because then you can only edit and compile as root. and if your already su then u dont need to use sudo
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