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im running linux ubuntu 12.10 and im putting the finishing touches on the shell/template of my game. how do i change the icon for it? like the firefox exe is a fire fox wrapped around earth, the WOW exe is a w etc etc. im using ncurses if that helps
Not sure if you can change the icon of an executable file on Linux. If you mean the icons on the desktop that is probably not executable files. Try open it in a text editor and you will probably find that it is some kind of configuration file.
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¿desktop? ¿icons?
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> im using ncurses if that helps
¿it is a console program then?
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In that case ¿shouldn't execute it from the console?
¿why do you need an icon?
If you want to edit .desktop files, then please read this:

It is just a simple text file with a path to the icon.

If you want to eedit windows .exe files from lionux then you must implement a windows resource editor using PE specifications.
You want to change the image that you see down in the task bar right? To change that you're going to have to learn xlib as that image is a pixmap that is normally loaded by a call to XSetStandardProperties (http://tronche.com/gui/x/xlib/appendix/d/XSetStandardProperties.html).

If its a console program though then you cant really do that considering in *nix the console runs the program within itself as ne555 said and not in a seperate window.
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