Anyone know what <<<<<HEAD ====== >>>>>>> 8ed3ebc4a01f9cce9eb9542722c64194a525955e means


I am reading some c++ code on Linux OS. In the header files I saw something like this

<<<<<<< HEAD

line of codes

line of codes....


>>>>>>> 8ed3ebc4a01f9cce9eb9542722c64194a525955e

Does anybody know what it means?


Are you sure you're not reading some log from some VCS?
It's a remnant from a merge. You're supposed to clean it up and attend to it yourself (i.e. requires a human to examine the situation).
+1 s5s
Thank you all very much. It is very help. I thought it was c code, but cannot find anything related to it. Now it make sense.

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