System() to string without temp file


I am trying to work out how to execute the system function and keep the results in a string without writing it to a temp file. Can anyone please help? Every example I have googled uses one??

(Also, what happens if the function I run requires admin rights to execute?)

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the correct way is not use system
ok. what should i use? popen()?
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what os r u using?
non specific. arch/ubuntu to start with.
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then there i think you can do something with ncurses but im not sure
looks interesting but is there a way without using curses? i would have assumed there was something in the standard libraries.

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no just system which is evil to begin with, but you cant really redirect output back into the program
why is system evil?
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many reasons. one) its really resource heavy
two) you dont know if the program your trying to run is the right one
three) its os dependent
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Thanks. I actually just found this and read it. Very informative!

The thing is, I am making something which is reliant on running third party tools.

I want to create a program with menus which can execute commands against virtualbox on a headless server. I know I could use the php client but I wanted to include some functions which aren't available using the GUI.
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ive never needed to use third party applications so i didnt even know about it until you mentioned it so idk if thats any good but you probably did research. i just know that system is horrible
thanks man.
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