Using Applescript to run c++ programs in Textwrangler

Hello everyone!

I downloaded textwrangler because I wanted a lightweight development environment that supports Java and C++. I was able to get writing java programs pretty quickly because I found an applescript which allows you to compile and run the current java program. But, when trying to find a script which would help me to compile and execute c++ code I could not find anything. Can anyone help me or point me in the right direction? I really do not feel like rewriting the commands in terminal that compile and execute my code and any help would be greatly appreciated.

read about makefiles. They will make your task a lot easier. These files have rules one how to compile a set of source code files into a executable.

In case you have many files, you would like to automate the creation of makefiles too?? right ?? read about GNU autotools (autoconf, automake etc). Look for a small tutorial which will create a makefile out of autotools.
Thanks for the guidance, I'll check it out!
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