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Variable Declaration and Initialization.
I am not very confident in C++. And I have a problem as following. Please help me. In the followi...
[4 replies] Last: instead of sending it from console. How should I declare and initiali... (by Grey Wolf)
by kmb828
Including header files in different location
How to include additional header files using CC command? Right now I was using as CC -g filename ...
[2 replies] Last: That ought to be enough, if done correctly. What is "dir path"? Does... (by kbw)
by paupav
so I've completed c++ tutorial (from this page) (1,2)
what to do now if I want some day to create MMORPG game using Ogre game engine? Which libraries shou...
[20 replies] Last: Why don't you try Unity3D? http://unity3d.com/ The free version allows... (by ridoluc)
How do I export these values?
Hello, I'm working on a project that requires me to perform communications between a Beaglebone Blac...
[2 replies] Last: > You're using buffered file access, so you need to use endl to write ... (by ne555)
by BlakeK
OS X - How to send HID events to 3rd party app
I have been working on a cross platform driver for a gamepad for fun. Because it's for fun, and bec...
[1 reply] : So, could anyone point me in the right direction for any operating s... (by BlakeK)
IPC: named FIFO not working properly.
Hello, guys. I'm trying to make a simple program which communicates with other programs using nam...
[4 replies] Last: Thank you, guys. Now everything is working fine. Thank you htirwin, yo... (by robgeek)
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