UNIX/Linux Programming - January 2014

How to start kernel programming with unix/linux
Please help me suggesting the notes I should study for learning kernel programming. Please links as...
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OpenAL issues
I'm trying to integrate OpenAL into my application to play some wave files. This is where I'm stu...
[5 replies] Last: Perfect! Thanks. I went through the "related" packages. This solved... (by Stewbond)
by mifum
inheritance not recognised pcl 1.7 Ubuntu 12.04 with CodeBlocks
Hi all, I tried to compile this code http://www.pointclouds.org/documentation/tutorials/planar_segme...
[4 replies] Last: Sorry, I don't understand. Could you be more clear? Thanks (by mifum)
by bitsta
[BOUNTY] Error when compiling QT-application
Hi, i keep getting 2 errors when i try to make an qt-app on OSX. after running "qmake bitcoint-q...
[1 reply] : First of all: Do you have the expressions after the name of the functi... (by TwilightSpectre)
Any c++ linux library for AES?
Is there any good Linux library for AES? One that could decrypt and encrypt with a password? Thanks.
[2 replies] Last: Thanks! Thats exactly the kind of thing I wanted! (by jsbrowndog2013)
Segmentation fault (core dumped)
void goster(int x,int y){ string yilan ; for(int a=0;a<=20;a++){ yilan ="a"; } for(int k=1;k<...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks, you are right (by Legend33)
by Frey
strcpy array element to string?
Hello everyone, The code below is supposed to split an IPv4 address into 4 segments, {"192","168","...
[1 reply] : Problem is that strcpy and strcat works only on strings (null terminat... (by Peter87)
getche() on linux
I can use getche() function on windows borland but I cant use getche() on linux.İs there any altern...
[6 replies] Last: These codes working %100. Thank you a lot :D (by Legend33)
How to "make" Linux OS
I know how to program in C++ and my next goal is to make my own Operating System. Can anyone tell me...
[3 replies] Last: People become software developers first before they even develop oper... (by Cody0023)
Makefile questions
Trying makefiles for the first time (used to VS). I have a few questions: 1. All files (src, incl...
[5 replies] Last: That link actually really helped. I've got it working now with proper... (by Stewbond)
how to download unix? (1,2)
Please tell me where can I download UNIX , as I am new to open source programming. Or , any other ...
[21 replies] Last: Nobun, So The Open Group have certified that OS X is compliant with... (by closed account yv46URfi)
More than two column sort in 2d vector c++
I have written code for a sort on a 2D vector depends on two columns. For example, If this is the da...
[1 reply] : if (lhs == rhs ) { return lhs < rhs ; } else { ... (by keskiverto)
String Input Validation
Good day! May I know please how can i check or validate if my String input is an integer or a flo...
[13 replies] Last: > Shouldn't it be if( !std::isspace( str ) ) > you are checking tha... (by JLBorges)
Terminal commands?
So i was using the terminal and ffmpeg to record my desktop, slightly peeved i had to close the term...
[1 reply] : Please visit the following address: http://mocha.freeshell.org/audio.... (by condor)
by mehr
memxor.h:29:30: error: expected â;â, â,â or â)â before âdestâ
dear all, I have the error above : memxor.h:29:30: error: expected â;â, â,â or â)â before ...
[2 replies] Last: 'restrict' is a keyword introduced in C99* ( http://en.wikipedia.org/w... (by Luke Leber)
by xubin
access NIC serial number
Hi all I'm trying to access cards informations e.g. NIC's serial numbers. Ho can I read these infor...
[3 replies] Last: const char * result = 0; if ( 0 == pci_get_vpd_readonly( dev, "XY", &... (by keskiverto)
Problem with generation of casual numbers
Hi, I have a project with five clients that must to generate casual numbers between 0 and 19 and th...
[2 replies] Last: Exactly! I try to use process identifier to generate different values.... (by JacopoP85)
Print preview API
Hello. I need an library that make easy the work of "print preview" document on "non GUI system" ...
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develop critical software for linux target
hi everyone. i'm new to linux. i'm going to develop a critical software that gets data through la...
[10 replies] Last: I do something similar with real-time processing on RTAI linux and VXW... (by Stewbond)
How to use clang
I read about clang in the lounge last night and I figured I would try it out, I'm on a Linux (Fedora...
[5 replies] Last: meh... i dont rtfm too much. its a bad habit. i also dont use clang to... (by closed account Dy7SLyTq)
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