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by ragur
C++ Application gets terminated while calling memcpy() or on allocating memory
HI, My application has been developed under linux platform, it gets terminated often due to memory c...
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hey Can anyone help me with multimap concept.. I am using multimap to store key-value pairs(duplica...
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Anyone got some spare time? (1,2)
Hey I was wondering if you guys could test this ( http://sourceforge.net/projects/engtests/files/?so...
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Hi all, I am newbie in linux. Currently i am having a problem in connecting mysql and c++ in linu...
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getch() for Unix
I find this code Author very respects!!! #include <iostream> #include <termios.h> #include <unistd...
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by iliya
Need a Simple C++ Code for VOIP
Hi friends, Please guide me I need a simple C++ code for VOIP. I will appreciate you if you intro...
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Multithreading - Inconsistent Output...
The program below keeps outputting inconsistently both in the order of output and the resulting valu...
[1 reply] : The five threads will increment the x in any order, that's the whole p... (by Cubbi)
by hotvic
with typedef get was not declared in this scope
I'm trying to build on FreeBSD but it fails: guichan/basiccontainer.cpp: In member function 'virtu...
[2 replies] Last: You're right! % find /usr/local/include/ -name "*guichan*" /usr/loca... (by hotvic)
Triangle doesn't display
I'm trying to learn OpenGL/GLUT, and I'm reading "beginning opengl game programming", and I took som...
[6 replies] Last: I guess what would my vertexes be would've been a better way to put it... (by dunnmifflsys)
Not working on Ubuntu (1,2)
Hi there Compiler G++ I recently switched to Ubuntu from Windows 8.I downloaded this code from a lin...
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by sirair
root password request
Hello, I want to start a daemon from my c++ program. This can only be done with root permissions...
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Loading a file to KERNEL space (raspberry)
I'm trying to create a linux module and passing it a file path for it to load into a buffer. The fil...
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Setting up GNU/GCC issues.
I am running Xubuntu x86. Please note where I say "building" I mean roughly the following commands...
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Best linux IDE
Hi there I just want people's opinions on what is the best IDE for Linux.Like CodeBlock. I was h...
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Compile ERROR c++ programm in ubuntu and raspberry pi
I got a major problem with compiling a c++ programm on a raspberry pi. My Programm compiles just ...
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