UNIX/Linux Programming - July 2017

Questions about socket
Hello, I've studied network programming, and I'd write my first client/server program to be sure I ...
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by mmgh
std::find_if on slave nodes
Hello, I am broadcasting a vector of object whose members are all std::string from the master nod...
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Create Restful Service
I want to create restful service on Linux and deploy it on tomcat 8 server. Any 3rd party framework ...
[1 reply] : This seems OK. I've seen it used somewhere. https://github.com/mrtazz... (by kbw)
Problem with international characters and CR
I am porting my code from MS VC++ to Linux. In the way that through FileZilla, I transfer the files ...
[1 reply] : I found this: iconv -f WINDOWS-1252 -t UTF-8 filename.txt here: htt... (by kbw)
Link Shared library to cpp
Hi, I need to use 3rd party header file in my cpp program, they provide header files and shared libr...
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Framework for c++ restful service
Hi, I want to create restful web service using c++ language on fedora Linux . any recommended c++ ...
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by nyck66
implementing a dynamic stack with a linked list object
I have a class definition for Node, LinkedList and Stack (stack of ints). I want to implement the s...
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Not sure if this circuit will work, did I overlook anything?
I plan to purchase a DS18b20(here is the datesheet:http://www.componentschip.com/pdf/6a-DS18B20-T-R....
[2 replies] Last: https://playground.arduino.cc/Code/PIDLibrary (by closed account 48T7M4Gy)
Octave build fails to finish on Linux
I downloaded Octave-4.2.1, a program which I can run on Windows fine. But I wanted to build the pro...
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by alexBB
Help with code analysis
Hi there, I do numerical analysis in 2D. Part of it is Fast Fourier Transform (FFT). I've chosen so...
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