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about network programming
I test a program, but there is a problem. About the program: The server accepts a request and send...
[3 replies] Last: @kbw, @tcs, thank for your help and sorry for my late reply! As tcs sa... (by chhquan)
by vijkrr
condition var & mutex confusing
Hi I'm new to multi threading. When I go through the pthread_mutex_t & pthread_cond_t, its bit...
[2 replies] Last: @kbw: The purpose of the mutex is not to protect the condition variabl... (by tcs)
Parent detect when forked processes exit
I'm trying to write a program that will fork a number of children processes that will run concurrent...
[3 replies] Last: You may also think about SIGCHLD handling if your parent process shoul... (by tcs)
by Qusai
write a C program on Linux to fork() a child process. This child process will print the numbers from...
[2 replies] Last: F.e. have a look at your man pages. They specify all system calls like... (by tcs)
Help I need a filter and replace program
I work for a small machine shop that has several machines converted to use LinuxCNC. The problem is ...
[1 reply] : Hi, I think this forum is definitely the wrong place for getting CNC ... (by tcs)
Linux programming on a Mac
I recently picked up a Mac Mini and I'm looking to do some Linux C++ programming. How should I acco...
[6 replies] Last: All MacOSX releases provide gcc if Xcode is installed. Current gcc rel... (by tcs)
Question to Qt developers
Hey guys Please help me taking a decision. I live in Bangalore, India. I just completed my Btech...
[2 replies] Last: I would say that Qt is certainly worth knowing. It opens quite a few ... (by Stewbond)
why Component Object Model (COM) is not supported on Linux?
Why Component Object Model (COM) is not supported on linux. Plz anyone give the technical perspectiv...
[7 replies] Last: Ancient's ok. It's the RPC that's the problem. (by kbw)
by souper
fork() - Where does this output come from?
I know how forks work for the most part, however how is the variable *var getting to be '-1' in the ...
[4 replies] Last: while (*var > 0) { printf("I am the real parent, var=%d... (by rapidcoder)
Undefined Reference
I am getting an error 'Undefined Reference' and I cannot fix the problem. I am using Boost libraries...
[12 replies] Last: Ok I see now...thank you. This seemed to fix my immediate problem. I ... (by zonxwedop)
Getting started writing a mouse driver.
I'd like to get started writing a mouse driver for Linux and I'm not sure how to get started on this...
[1 reply] : Read a book. There are quite a few. Even the outdated ones somewhat pe... (by closed account S6k9GNh0)
file is updated continuous by server
Hi, We have written code in which we run the command to specific server which generate resultant ou...
[3 replies] Last: Thx I got permission to install library and it works fine for me.. thx... (by agoswami)
by fixboy
simple calculator
i need to do simple calculator on g++ . could you send some codes here to help me?
[2 replies] Last: The book on Visual C++ by Ivor Horton used to teach alot of coding by ... (by ajh32)
evaluating simple arithmetic expression using recursive descent parser - c language
I have a program that evaluates a simple expression in c++ using the recursive descent parser but I ...
[1 reply] : #include <stdbool.h> (by Peter87)
g++ Question
I run MythTV on my HTPC, and my recording device is an [url=http://www.nextcomwireless.com/R5000/hom...
[3 replies] Last: (Anyone home?) (by Quantum)
Socket programming in c
hi, i m new to socket programming in C so can anyone tell me what is socket programming and tell me ...
[1 reply] : Hi, i recently done the same/ related assignment and i found these lin... (by unkn00wn)
Freeglut in Linux Linking Issues
I am running Linux Mint 14.1 64-bit I have installed the libs: mesa-common-dev freeglut3-d...
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HTTP Client program segmentation fault
Ok, i have some strange problem. I was working on a HTTP server and client program which works very ...
[1 reply] : It's a bit of a mess and I don't know why it's crashing. But maybe yo... (by kbw)
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