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by S2000
Formatting string output.
I'm having trouble formatting the string array that I got from a .txt file. When I print the string...
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by ajbutt
Develop a utility in C language which will run in Linux operating systems to display following prope...
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by ajbutt
Plz.help my in my assignment
Question 2: Total Points (20) In this question, you will examine in detail how a new process is cre...
[1 reply] : what have you got so far? (by mutexe)
g++ error in Xcode
Hi, I compiled code and got this: Command /Developer/usr/bin/g++-4.0 failed with exit code 1 ...
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convert perl scripts
Hi, I have a few perl scripts and they need to be converted into some more common language such a...
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xxPCIbclkp = gsrpkg/gsrdie/xxPCIbclkp if i got many lines of the above. How can i swap to b...
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by pheapc
problem in dynamic library*.so
hello I apologize if my question bothers you I work on a code developed in C + + which worked well...
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How to draw this triangle using ncurses nested for loops
#include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { for (int x=1;x<=7;x++) { for(int i=1;...
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Anyone please explain what this code means?
Hi All, onUnknownField = [=] (BidRequest * br, JsonParsingContext & context) { I am c...
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Does anyone on here use codelites
Could someone please help me I have been trying to get codelite to run a program for 3 hours now . I...
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Dinning Philosophers Using Condition Variables
There is something wrong with this pseudo-code, but I can't tell what it is. Could you help? ...
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something is wrong with this program
i tried to see the mean and variance of the set. mean is calculated correctly and i am facing the pr...
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compiling with #define in multiple files
I have a project with multiple .h and .cpp files. I want to compile this project and add #defines u...
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to check for mixed input
suppose i take an int type variable and give input in that which is mix of int as well as char type....
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linux program help
I'm trying to finish up some programs I didn't get finished earlier in the semester and this multipr...
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Converting full path to file name in C
Hello, I'm usually a c++ programmer but my teacher is forcing me to use regular old c. I've been s...
[1 reply] : #include <libgen.h> char* basename(char *path); or `strrchr()', you ... (by ne555)
Possible bug in std::string::rfind
This may be a bug in std::string::rfind on linux (lattest version of Debian). I run the following pr...
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kernel mod help
So I decided to try some kernel module examples and have already ran into some trouble. Unfortunate...
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LaLR(1) parsing source code
hello please help me in writing a project with this title: " make LALR(1) parsing table" if anybody...
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Is it a deadlock or not?
Hi, I have written a program and I have represented a graph like this: http://img856.imageshack.us/...
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