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Need immediate help on casting/storing values in buffer
I have a structure type, let's say Telephone typedef struct { string dir_no; unsigned c...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks a lot Moschops for a quick reply. Actually the structure is muc... (by incognito)
by gliese
Header files are included, but still cannot call the functions..
I'm trying to write a plotting program with c++ under ubuntu12.04. OpenGL is applicated in my code. ...
[1 reply] : Including header files is not enough. You must also link against the ... (by cire)
Segmentation fault (core dumped)
I don't know why, but there's an error in my program, I can't see anything wrong with my code. I co...
[3 replies] Last: Thank you ne555, it worked here after the change you proposed. I also ... (by guerreiro)
Linux distros (Fedora, Mint, Ubuntu)
Having never used Linux before, just wondering what the 'best' distro might be. Really I'm looking f...
[3 replies] Last: Choosing the distro and gui all comes down to personal preference. I ... (by RescuePenguin)
Malloc SPARERAM, for mem2mem function
Hi, Members of cplusplus I hope you can help me. I have maked some new program. I need some dynamic...
[2 replies] Last: Hi, It won't start, then hanging. then i must reboot the whole box It... (by speedyisfast)
'Special' wide char on mac
Hey rrybody, I was wondering how to put 'special' characters from the OEM 437. Is it even possible ...
[4 replies] Last: It has nothing to do with size of the object, it's all about how it's ... (by kbw)
compare two strings
#include <iostream> #include <fstream> #include <cstring> #include <string> using namespace st...
[2 replies] Last: ok thanks for your help (by jimmiej)
Catch stderr and stdout from external program
Hi I am trying to write a program that runs an external program. I know that I can catch stdout, a...
[6 replies] Last: or an orphan. (by ne555)
by TJF
ncurses problem
Hi, I use LEFT-ArrowKey and RIGHT-Arrowkey to control a commandline program from "outside". The p...
[9 replies] Last: The missing link was nodelay(stdscr,TRUE); //=non-blocking and ... (by TJF)
by Hit
linux programming
I've been doing win32, but made a switch because I want open source, etc I want to program using Li...
[4 replies] Last: You're confusing many different things. The Linux kernel, tty program... (by kbw)
by Fitina
How to run and compile a C++ program on Linux Mint
How can I run and compile a C++ program without installation of its compiler coz i heard that it wor...
[2 replies] Last: Just go download VMWare Player for free, and download any linux .iso a... (by ResidentBiscuit)
Parralell running child process.
Hello, I am new to c++. I want to create a child process programmatically. I searched the web. and ...
[2 replies] Last: Whe you use fork(), the parent and child do run concurrently. Why do ... (by kbw)
Trouble making Eclipse CDT work.
Hello, all. So, I'm a novice programmer who recently took to running eclipse for c++ coding on my Un...
[13 replies] Last: You get them by building the project. They will be placed in your proj... (by Athar)
not declared in the scope
I created a header file called view.h class View { public: void showLoginScreen(); } ...
[5 replies] Last: Well for me, writing it in three separate files as in my post above an... (by Moschops)
Problem with "&"
Dear ALL, I wrote a c++ program which accepts username and passwd. I executed the binary from li...
[1 reply] : You need to escape special characters: \& (by Athar)
getting battery life
I was wondering how i would get the battery life of a computer on linux i need for a java jni projec...
[no replies]
Best IDE to use
Alright, so I decided to start programming for Linux, but I'm not sure what the best IDE I should us...
[4 replies] Last: For starters, I recommend a simple text editor that handles auto-inden... (by Moschops)
G++ not found
Basically, subj. I did build-essentials. g++ in console works perfectly fine, and is of latest edit...
[1 reply] : g++ in console works perfectly fine then the problem is with the conf... (by ne555)
1) How do I get the number of times the alphabet appear ? 2) How do i count frequency of 1-letter w...
[6 replies] Last: it sure does, thanks just a simple question how do we Have an input... (by Charcoalman)
write ssh client
hi, i want to write c++ program, GOAL : " when a person press a button on windows OS my linux OS s...
[7 replies] Last: Have you ever used a library before? It's just the same as others. Lin... (by ResidentBiscuit)
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