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Memory leak working with boost::thread.
Hi all. These days I've been trying to learn how to work with threads. I've been trying different ...
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Memory leak
Dear Everyone, Memory leak is happening and process is taking too much time to execute. I m not unde...
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by Disch
You're welcome! =D
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eclipse :Program "g++" not found in PATH
I've already install the gcc, g++ compiler, and jdk, but I just write a simple test, eclipse find pr...
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by Baelix
Seg fault in custom C Shell
Hey all. I'm writing a C Shell for my Operating Systems class, and was hoping you could help me find...
[6 replies] Last: just use piping output of two or more linux cmds, I used "ls -l | ... (by ahmedkhan)
Process creation issue
Hi, The program listed below is illustrating the process creation. However the wait(NULL) me...
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by API124
TCP server and cerr/cin
Hallo, I have got included iostream library, but g++ gets me this errors: hack2.cpp: In function ...
[4 replies] Last: I actually recommend that you remove the cout, cin and the include <io... (by jlb)
Executing a shell program with read and write availability
Hi there. I want to make a C++ program that executes a shell program with read and write availabilit...
[4 replies] Last: Then you'll need to fork a new process (by ResidentBiscuit)
by mih
Unable to access Enum constants defined in header file from .cc file.
Hello all, I am getting below error while trying to compile C++ code cookieSetter.cc:126: erro...
[4 replies] Last: codewalker , Peter, Many thanks, the suggested changes worked.. it ... (by mih)
by mih
In function .. undefined reference to ..
Hello All, I am getting below error while trying to link DB2 libraries, any clues what must be goin...
[5 replies] Last: Maschops, guestgulkan, Many thanks for your help and information. (by mih)
Not able to Extract .7z file from c++ program
Dear Everyone, I have written one program which get all the .7z files from one folder and extract...
[3 replies] Last: Yes, that's needed because double quotes needs to be escaped to keep t... (by modoran)
by luna1
Console Program to list prime numbers
I would like to know your input regarding this program. #include <iostream> using namesp...
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by axtroz
Thread-safe programming
Greetings! I wrote a ping library for Linux using raw sockets to use in my application (piping ping...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you for the reply. I ended up connect()-ing to the destination h... (by axtroz)
Unix Error/Complications (Maybe syntax)
//Implementation file //Implements the class Applicant member functions #include "Applicant.h" ...
[1 reply] : If you tell us what the error message is, we can tell you how to fix i... (by Moschops)
by bruice
Segmentation fault (core dumped) ( 64 bit)
I have no knowledge in this field and do not know how debug it. I can compile my qt program(C++) ...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you for your reply, actually I use the qt3 to write the program,... (by bruice)
by mih
In function `__static_initialization_and_destruction_0' multiple definition of first defined here
Hello All, I am getting the below error while trying to compile my C++ code on Linux, I would app...
[6 replies] Last: Update from my side, I was able to disable the implicit behaviour of m... (by mih)
by mih
declaration of C function int gethostname(char*, int)conflicts with previous declaration int gethostname(char*, size_t)
Hello All, I am getting the below error while trying to compile my C++ code on Linux, I would app...
[5 replies] Last: Remove the prototype for gethostname() from gias_CliApi.cc. It's clea... (by kbw)
Terminal Emulator for Androids
Hi guys... Am having a software called "Terminal Emulator" in my Android... I heard this Terminal E...
[4 replies] Last: no the terminal is a command line interpreter for the language shell s... (by Aramil of Elixia)
Best way to debug memory corruption
Hi all, I'm currently working on a (for me) somewhat larger project, based on SDL. Since yesterda...
[5 replies] Last: To use valgrind: 1) Get valgrind. 2) Build your program with debuggin... (by Moschops)
How CPU decides when to switch to an operating system from a process?
Hello, everybody. I have a question. As far as I know modern operating systems use a CPU in two mod...
[3 replies] Last: Very often the process itself triggers to go into kernel mode by calli... (by rapidcoder)
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