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execl() problem when trying to spawn program
I have followed several tutorials on how to fork a child process and launch a program using exec() f...
[6 replies] Last: ""Not trying to sound patronizing, but the default install directory i... (by reventropy)
help with bochs.
so im using bochs for my development right now, but im stuck configuring it. i have a bootloader cal...
[6 replies] Last: FWIW VirtualBox has a linux client. I'm not familiar with Bochs, but a... (by naraku9333)
Vi Editor setup
I suppose this is a unix question, i'm using WIndows 7 but this is about the vi editor. Anyways, for...
[7 replies] Last: mingw (Minimal GNU for Windows) is similar to cygwin. It includes msy... (by keskiverto)
by bvteja
giving input from console
echo " hi " hostname=$0 username=$1 how to pass values to $0 and $1 main.sh andrew teja ...
[1 reply] : $0 is the name of the program itself, so any parameters can be transfe... (by condor)
Won't compile.
This .cpp Won't compile. It's acting like it doesn't have a main reference. (i.e. a main()) but it d...
[2 replies] Last: <nolyc> Undefined reference is a linker error. It's not a compile err... (by ne555)
by bvteja
reads in a machine hostname and a username, builds the command:
Write a program that reads in a machine hostname and a username, builds the command: /usr/bin/ss...
[3 replies] Last: give me an idea how to read the host name Knowing the purpose of the... (by keskiverto)
System calls to I2C Peripheral, unable to reset FD index
Hi everyone, I'm trying to get my C++ main app software(running on an ARM w/embedded linux) to do re...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks for the reply. I'm trying to read from a Microchip EEPROM over ... (by Varun916)
Need help with implementing device driver
http://www.cse.psu.edu/~mcdaniel/cmpsc311-f13/docs/assign3.pdf Above is the link to the homework. I...
[1 reply] : Array of storage drums ! BTW, I didn't see any sample code. (by kbw)
_Smanip linux equivalent
Hi, I'm porting some windows code to linux and I can't find an equivalent for _Smanip (iomanip ...
[1 reply] : As far as I can tell from google, _Smanip is the type that some(?) I/O... (by Cubbi)
I am PG-DAC student and I have to submit a project I want to submit my project either in C or C+...
[2 replies] Last: @DTSCode I just want to devlope a game in my project.....I have a bas... (by JAI SINGH)
by laro
How to work safe with Share Memory
Hi, I have 3 process which have to send and receive data from each other. (Each process can send ...
[4 replies] Last: You can learn from this code: https://github.com/risingape/producer-co... (by vincegata)
Makefile: how to include obj file from another directory and how to recompile it if the sources change.
Hi, Here is the structure of my directories: ../Projects/Common ../Projects/SES The common project...
[8 replies] Last: I have to investigate this, I might post another thread. Thank you fo... (by vincegata)
STL thread safety
I have read that STL in general is not thread safe. There were some cases in which you can get aroun...
[4 replies] Last: @Disch, Thank you for the reply. I think that answers all :) (by knightrider007)
C++ graphics XCB error – ubuntu 12.04
The code given below complies properly but the output of program blinks and ends with error. #...
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by iamk2
When I use debug the setupterm returns -1???
Learning on my own => C++. Been using codeblocks as my IDE on Arch Linux. I use the followin...
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by Ruade
Serial Xbee to Xbee
Hello, I have a problem, seemingly simple, but I am not able to solve! I need to send and rece...
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by agile
How to turn on deprecated messages in g++?
I'm using g++ 4.8.1 on Ubuntu 10. #include <iostream> #include <memory> int main() { s...
[4 replies] Last: There are some breaking changes in C++11, but by and large code is exp... (by kbw)
problem in string handling
#include<stdio.h> #include<stdlib.h> int main(void) { int n=0; char* str=0; printf("enter t...
[1 reply] : scanf("%n",&n); I presume " %n " is a typo? fflush(stdin); // ... (by cire)
far and near pointer
what is wrong in the given code its not working..... int main(void) { int far* p=0; int near...
[3 replies] Last: Don't use near/far qualifiers. They're a hangover from DOS. They hav... (by kbw)
C++ Code Coverage MAC OSX
I could successfully get code coverage information on our C++ code base on Linux using the GCC featu...
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