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Segmentation Fault (core dumped)
When I compile my program using my Makefile I get a segmentation fault. I checked through my code an...
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by deyl
I'm trying to setup Allegro
I'm trying to find a good compiler to use allegro on. I use mac mind you, so I can't use visual stud...
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Simpler way of doing this?
Is their a simpler way of converting an integer to hex in assembly language. This is what I know wo...
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coloured output
Q-I want coloured output in my C program while working on vi editor ...... I use textcolor() func...
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not sure how to fix this.
Okay so basically we have to take a an integer and print out its hex value. From what I was able to ...
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mysterious two line shell?
so ill run a command on my linux terminal (im on ubuntu) and then clear it. then i go to check my fa...
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by deyl
Code Blocks Problems
IM not sure if this is where this should go but, Im encountering a weird problem when trying to buil...
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Reading colums of data
Hello guys, I am a noob in C++ more over on Ubuntu. I need your help pleaseeee!!! I have this data a...
[1 reply] : std::ifstream is("filename"); while (is) { double ca, cw, alfa, c... (by kbw)
Linux Kali VPN Problem:
Ok so i just install linux kali and wanted to setup a vpn so i did this: apt-get install network-...
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by mqazi
MakeFile Warning
make: Warning: File `makefile' has modification time 3.1e+02 s in the future how to remove this...
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by mqazi
Need some ideas about project using UNIX programming ... any help will be appreciated thanks
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linux driver programming
I'm toying with the idea of writing a fake audio driver for Linux that I could use to capture audio ...
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by mqazi
Reading from STDIN
#include<stdio.h> #include<unistd.h> int main(){ int buff ; int bytes = read(STDIN_FILENO, b...
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Architecture Question regarding Threading In Low Latency Network Application
Hi, I am building a low latency network application where I have to forward certain packets immed...
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new line
1-> what should I use print new line in my shell scripting program I am using echo...
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check new user with /etc/passwd
example # useradd hello how to i suppose to do if hello is existed in passwd file? ...
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Managing Children Processes
Hey, I'm currently working on an assignment in which we have to create two child processes, have the...
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problem with program
I have a fairly simple program that I created using the g++ compiler but keep getting error messages...
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I have compiled a program on windows and will like to do the equivalent on Ubuntu. I need help pleas...
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trying to create g++ makefile
I am trying to create a makefile using example.h and example.cpp with 2 test files test1.cpp and tes...
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