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getting segmentation fault (error occured)
Hi I am getting segmentation fault when I try to copy 1 vector to another vector... it occurs only w...
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by GTR4j
Terminal cp error
Directions: Make a new directory called polygon. Copy the program lines.c ( or lines.cpp ) (from ...
[2 replies] Last: Fascinating. First, there is use of A&B as in: $ echo foo & echo bar... (by keskiverto)
X11 How to get window data pointer?
On the Wikipedia page for multiple buffering, under page flipping it says: In the page-flip metho...
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by zepher
customized watchdog for linux daemons
I have a linux production server that has a number of background/ daemon process running on it that ...
[3 replies] Last: I know a website of components, hope it can help you http://www.findic... (by Tooom)
Displaying data from an array of files.
/*---------------------------------------------------------------*/ /* When I compile this program, ...
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Game of Life in C++
Hey there people. This will be my first post in this forum, pleased to meet you all. So, I have rec...
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by alexBB
Passing an array to a subroutine
I have this Ubuntu C++ package. Everything works but I need it to work as fast as it can, so I am tr...
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Segmentation fault (core dump)
Hi, I'm trying to learn quick sort. Right now, the code compiles but it shows me a segmentation err...
[3 replies] Last: Those kind of errors could have been spotted earlier if detected while... (by benhart)
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