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by Sh0es
[ERROR] Pointer Errors
I'm creating a C++ program with g++ and QT Creator. Here's my code: #include <iostream> #include ...
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Stopping program on server from ssh client
I have a Linux server that I control through ssh client Putty while Working on Windows machine. I'm ...
[1 reply] : That depends on how you started it. If you have it running in the bac... (by koothkeeper)
about dining philosopher problem
i am self-practicing this problem right now, and wanna know about how to use c++(in linux) and using...
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getting library to run on ubuntu 14.04
Hi, I'm trying to make this https://github.com/andrewprock/pokerstove#building poker library to ru...
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WC program
Good day to all, So, I`m supposed to test this word counter program: #include <stdio.h>...
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by koxp
Documentation about a Code ( Threads)
I have a code but i dont understand it. Can someone explain me what happens in the code? #include...
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by FaanP
Embedding Python in C++ using classes
Hope you guys can help. I searched and googled but could not find a solution. Firstly my code: ...
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<iostream> error in gcc and g++
I have the code below. I have tried compiling with gcc and g++ to no avail. For gcc it gives a fatal...
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Help me to read a file but do not read the last line.
There are two files. The first file(name is filedata1.dat) content is : 1 3 8...
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by AG123
replace commas with spaces
I am reading in a file but i need to replace the commas in the file with spaces without changing the...
[1 reply] : When you read, you must store in a variable what you read. Change the ... (by keskiverto)
Static library dependency
Hi. What command would you use to find the object files, static library libc.a depends on in /usr/...
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The weird problem using void alarmHandler(int signal_number)
I am writing an "void alarmHandler(int signal_number)" to register the signal SIGALRM. The handle...
[1 reply] : post a minimal snip that does reproduce your problem (by ne555)
Error in file reading
Guys I made a program to split a file into 11 different files based on the word length of its conten...
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by Gyiove
Multithreading having terrible times on linux.
Hello everyone! I managed to get this mutlithread working on windows just fine. I'm not sure how...
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piping to script
$ ls -la | myScript.sh How can I using sed do the following? 1. Total number of lines read. ...
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Build kernel
Hi everybody, For completing my assignment, I have to add a file named "number.txt" to the kernel...
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Check output from the commend problem
I want to check the output from the commend and print out different thing I did successful print out...
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Program run perfectly without error but cant show anything
This is my program,what I want is do this program to check how many bytes,lines and words inside any...
[2 replies] Last: after I type wc test.cpp it will pop out the 3 num and 1 file name,exa... (by guankin)
Control Optimization Problems
Hi, I'm compiling my program using various optimization options. I noticed that whenever I compile ...
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NCurses alternative
Hey, I was wondering if anyone knew of an alternative for NCurses for C++, I know you can use it wit...
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