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FRESH Beginer, Learning to use a '.h' '.cpp'
#include <iostream> #include <vector> using namespace std; class Vector{ private: v...
[2 replies] Last: your .h file would look like this #ifndef VECTOR_H #define VECTOR... (by MCCodo)
Restarting a game in OpenGL?
I am working on a project for my c++ class, and we are asked to do some extra work on our moon lande...
[5 replies] Last: There are quite a few ways to do that, this is a simple enough operati... (by newbieg)
by ushas
cannot understand pthread condition variables
Hi everybody, I'm trying to understand pthread condition variables. For doing so, I wrote a very bas...
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by Euler
Passing in Array output into Main from different files
My problem: I need to create an array of 4,294,967,296 entries (max un-signed int) based off o...
[2 replies] Last: Code: Hello #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { fo... (by newbieg)
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