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Cross-Compiling Find Mysql/Connector on Linux with MiniGW
Hello How do you detect the MySQL CPP Connector on Linux on Ubuntu(Linux) using GCC, or MingGW to c...
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server with socket - ip listening
hello, I'm writing a Class to make a simple server with sockets. So I need to learn what are ip-ad...
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by Ozzy69
Help with file in c++
Hello, How print of the file of end of file for start of file. Because this normal this start and g...
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by RaduV
What is the difference between 64-bit and 32-bit software?
Is the difference primarily in the build process, or is it in code as well? Can I download any sourc...
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Mac keychain an C++
What is the easiest way to write a command in C++ that detects if the mac keychain pops up. I want ...
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by Ozzy69
Help me with file
Hello, I dont print of code: I want print of last line until the third line of file, look my code:...
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Fork question
A question asks how many processes are created at the end of the loop below. #include <stdio.h> #...
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by zolo
configure file fails when checking mpi (1,2)
Hi, I am trying to compile the blochlib-1.2 libraries on Ubuntu 15.04. After compiling the fftw3 ...
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by shome
need to parse a txt file line by line forward or backward
I need to read a txt file line by line. On pressing the right arrow buttton it should read the next...
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What process does fork(); create ??
The title of my thread says it all.. I've just started learning Operating System.. My question may ...
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by esolve
how to properly deal with send/write with a non-blocking socket?
I have a socket which is used to receive and also send packets. And the pseudo codes are: se...
[1 reply] : The whole point of using non-blocking sockets is allow you to do stuff... (by kbw)
Different output in Linux
I've created my code in Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2013 and it compiles and runs fine. I've mov...
[11 replies] Last: > I've changed that part http://www.eelis.net/iso-c++/testcase.xhtml (... (by ne555)
Sender - Receiver with fifo
I have to write a program that consists of two parts. First part from argv receives name of file, t...
[1 reply] : Start by finding out what a fifo is and checkout examples of how to us... (by kbw)
by zolo
linking openBLAS
Hi, I have yet again run into a compilation problem. I have downloaded the openBLAS libraries and...
[1 reply] : ok I figured this out. This leads to error because of number of white ... (by zolo)
Terminal Commands
Hi There, I have to write a program which takes "ls" command (that displays the list of files in li...
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c in linux
hii friends I am a beginner in Linux and I want to run my c programme in Linux how I run please desc...
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Create five processes running the given program with five different names
#include <sys/types.h> #include <sys/time.h> #include <sys/resource.h> #include <stdlib.h> #incl...
[1 reply] : Can you explain what you want. Your question doesn't really make much ... (by kbw)
Qmake Library V8 'undefined reference'
Hello. I am trying to link a library(Google V8) using Qmake and doing something wrong. Followi...
[4 replies] Last: That did it! Thanks! :D It was also because I didn't have the backslas... (by Gonza 565)
by Jinu9
Hi Friends, I need to know if this header file is a part of standard C++ Library . In my applicat...
[3 replies] Last: again, it is not standard c++. only thing that could find is https://... (by ne555)
by lolwe
Server/Client with threads
Can someone help with this? C++ Visual Studio 1 Server and 2 clients.1st client send symbols a..z a...
[1 reply] : You have to make a start and show us what you've done. Visual Studio ... (by kbw)
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