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Eclipse export to .exe for terminal program?
Heyo. I just wrote this simple random program in Eclipse and I can't seem to find out how to comp...
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Undefined reference - problem in CMakeLists?
I have a large amount of code, so I have tried to only include the relevant parts of the code here
[1 reply] : [quote=larry burns]/ws/larryburns/cmake/ME/ Build /sc/CMakeLists.txt T... (by norm b)
Question on security
Dont know if it is proper to ask here but still I will have a go: What is the difference between ...
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difference in received data thgrough listener.c and netcat
I build a simple UDP server which listens continuouls to the hexadecimal datagrams sends from a clie...
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by mzzz
what's wrong with my shell
hey, guys~ I'm kinda new to shell programming on linux. my code is as follows: #!/bin/bash a ...
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identifying a client
Can i recognize a client without receiving data on server from this client. I have two clients, wher...
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catch SIGSEGV in a library
I'm loading various shared libraries (think of them as small plugins) at runtime. My problem is that...
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by mzzz
what‘s wrong with my makefile
recently, i am learning how to write a makefile on linux. now, i give my source files and returned m...
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by bs319
Trying to remotely log in with windows computer
I want to be able to log into remotely to my school's Linux/Unix system so I can work on my labs at ...
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build gui
I have a code form company,with bad tutorial.I need to build Gui for the code that has already been ...
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String is full of garbage
Hello I have this code here what I need to do is count the number of chars in this string. The word ...
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Pthread Unlock and return some value
hi, I want to call to a simple synchronized function and return some value. Is it possible with f...
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by Seb26
rPI camera + zBar = memory-leak
Hi, I'v trying to build a simple QR codes scanner using a Raspberry PI with camera and the zBar l...
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how to include fparser.hh header file in codeblocks in ubuntu please give the whole process urge...
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by Seb26
[cURL] library call equivalent to shell
Hi world, I'm trying to reproduce this job by using cURL library instead of shell call : curl...
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Invalid Read && Write Valgrind Error
Hello, I am getting this error from Valgrind. The programs seems to work fine and all the memory is ...
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Playing .pcm file?
Hi all , i have .pcm/.raw./wav file i want to play it in linux and windows both. the main thing...
[1 reply] : Use a library like BASS, which is more more that what you need: http:/... (by modoran)
Alternating Between Parent and Child -Pipes
Hi, I need to write a program that alternates between parent and child, which the child printing fir...
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keylogger on a raspbian pi
hey guys, So I'm running a cute little robot off a pi, and I'm trying to figure out how to contro...
[1 reply] : you can try to use SDL library. http://www.libsdl.org/release/SDL-1.2... (by Seb26)
by tnavid
compile asn1 file
Hi, i have an asn1 file from "http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc5272" -> "Appendix A. ASN.1 Module" ...
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