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why socket function recv is so slowly
recently , I meet a question about the function recv of socket programming, let me introduce the ba...
[1 reply] : Next time, please post your code using the code tags (under format). ... (by koothkeeper)
Avoid g++ surround _stdcall with __attribute__ string
I use MinGW's g++ to preprocess my file which has the following function: [call_as(ReadAt)] HR...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks SGH. That is a very good tip. I was actually using -D__stdcall ... (by hazdazzler009)
Threading Trouble
Hey guys, I'm trying to teach myself a bit about how to thread. Below is the code I have, which bas...
[6 replies] Last: Well... it can. You don't know – that's the tricky thing with multi... (by NoXzema)
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