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cpp_int error for large integer constant with boost multiprecision
I need to save a very large integer in a variable, after i found that i can use boost::multiprecisio...
[7 replies] Last: If you want to work with large floating point numbers, then yes, MPFR ... (by kbw)
Lightweight conky like system monitor with HTML/CSS for themes
https://www.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/5ktq6f/conky_like_system_monitor_with_html_and_css/ A pro...
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by alexBB
Please Interpret a statement
Hi there. In the webpage http://www.librow.com/articles/article-10 which is about Librow FFT one c...
[8 replies] Last: The "!Data" check is a stupid check because it only tests one type of... (by cire)
by Boki
Identical source not compiling on Linux although compiling & runs OK on Windows
I've developed code in C++ (GCC ver. 4.9.2.) with LAPACKE and MPI libraries on a Windows machine whe...
[16 replies] Last: Finally, problem solved. Thank you all who gave input. This is what w... (by Boki)
using multiple instance within the function
hi, I am trying to reuse multiple instance of different class within a function by passing it as arg...
[3 replies] Last: but there 's some error when i compile it Don't be vague. Post th... (by TheIdeasMan)
Segmentation fault inserting in a stl::map
Hi, I need help with something that should be easy (but is not being...). I'm trying to implement a...
[2 replies] Last: It worked, avoid static global variables. Use instead static local var... (by ejyanezp)
HTML Parser library
Hi, I wonder if there is a way to use libraries installed with chrome/ff, to parse html document and...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you! May I ask you to share link to SAX interfacing examples if... (by lantcant)
implemtation of config file
hi, I am new to c++ language .I have been doing network programming in c++ for a while.The thing i...
[2 replies] Last: Heres a useful resource to look up specific implementations. http://en... (by khalawarrior55)
xCode File Reading Frustration
I code on two different systems, Windows in class, macOS at home. Basically, xCode will not read fro...
[3 replies] Last: Please post a small sample of your input file. Also a small complete... (by jlb)
print function call along with parameter value using C program
I want to print function call along with parameter values . Please let me know how can I do it . ...
[2 replies] Last: I need a logic in C or C++ programming code to achieve it (by Bhavith)
by zxcvbn
How to program an AVR chip in Linux
Hello,all. I recently got an AVRISmkII AVR programmer, and I have an ATtiny85(datasheet http://ww...
[1 reply] : There is a port of GCC available. On my distribution, it's available ... (by mbozzi)
Android native-activity starters guid help
So I am trying to figure out how to write programs in android, but everything I have found about...
[1 reply] : Hi, Please edit and move the topic to lounge, you will (i hope) get s... (by shadder)
by dkaip
static libs?
Hi, My programs linker settings are sqlite3, glib-2, libudev. I'm trying to move program on other ...
[1 reply] : How To: Ask Questions The Smart Way http://www.cplusplus.com/forum/beg... (by kbw)
include ifstream as argument to function passing in thread c++
hi, the thing is i am trying to pass ifstream as argument to thread but i get the following error:-...
[3 replies] Last: You'd have to say a bit more about what kind of "c++11" is there on yo... (by Cubbi)
Creating a makefile for 3 files C++
Hello I have 3 files driver.cpp hashtable.h hashtable.hpp hashtable.h has .hpp included. ...
[10 replies] Last: Man make files are so confusing. I've never seen them written like tha... (by connorschwing)
HELP!error while loading shared libraries: ?: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory [Netbeans 8.1]
I am looking for help urgently..I downloaded boost 1_40_0(I need old version) and install it in Cygw...
[2 replies] Last: You're asking for trouble. Forget Netbeans and all that crap. Do ever... (by kbw)
implementation of asynchronous thread
hi, I am unable to find a correct usage of asynchronous thread in c++11.The thing i want to do is i...
[4 replies] Last: i have used async along with future in the code but still it behaves l... (by kushal4)
Code Outline
Hi, Can you give me the outline for a code. I want to count the number of girls and boys enter...
[1 reply] : What is a "swipe machine"? Does a firm and precise "swipe" indicate a ... (by keskiverto)
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