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Linux GUI Lib + Compiling multiple files
Hello, I recently started programming on Linux and I had enough of console, so I'd like to start ...
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by ryx
questions about some C++ library functions
I use gcc/g++ to compile my c++ program on ubuntu. I have confusion about some underlying functions....
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IP Spoofing
I want to create a C++ program to implement IP spoofing. In my college my teacher told us that we ar...
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by sckn
basic web server blocking problem
Hi, I write basic web server with c++ (some code read on internet.). I test with apache benchmar...
[1 reply] : You don't close client_fd or delete cstr. And that was just a quick l... (by kbw)
do i need to learn c before learning to create Linux modules?
so far i have covered the basics of c++, including loops, arrays, pointers, classes, etc. after crea...
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by mogha
HI All, I have a utility where i am unzipping a library and creating soft link. But the problem ...
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