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I need some guidance installing ubuntu (1,2)
ubuntu-16.04.2-desktop-amd64.iso I paid my 15.00 donation and downloaded the above file. It says a...
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Hi, I am a first year in Programming please don't speak deep language. Make me understand please. ...
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OnButton1Click(event); error: no matching function for call to.. Using Timer Event.
I thought I would update this post I have a OnButton1Click(event); in use for a wxGrid records di...
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ACS ACR reader program NFS
I have to compile a short program - the same as posted by another guy on this forum but they don't a...
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by bmb94
Start Foreground and Background Jobs
Hello, I am trying to write a program using C++ that can start the stopped jobs in the foregroun...
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wstring could not print ISO8859-2 characters on Linux
I could not get ISO8859-2 characters written in file or printed out through wcout. I am using follo...
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