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HOW does WC work ?
when I type in wc file.txt I get something like: 1 1 6 file.txt BUT when i write wc *.txt I get...
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cmake, make for creating library??
Hi, i dont quite understand what exactly do we get as a result when we run command cmake and make th...
[2 replies] Last: Tnx for the tip, when I'm going closer to actually writing this app th... (by etrusks)
Send and receive data through serial port In linux
I want to be able to detect every serial port device connected to the computer, and I want to be abl...
[1 reply] : On Linux, and UNIX, most devices can be thought of as files, and as su... (by koothkeeper)
Battery Info
How do I get the battery percent, if the battery is charging or not, if it is connected to the ac ad...
[2 replies] Last: And yet another more elegant option is to use D-Bus. See what you can ... (by deu439)
Shared Libraries
I want to create a shared library in c/c++, using eclipse IDE, to use with labview in Linux. I was w...
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Application distributable
Is there a way to package a c/c++ app so that it can be distributed and installed in various linux d...
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by Ema
Please help me!!! it is an urgent, what are the smallest floating-point numbers in c++ and java?
Please, can anyone tell me what are the smallest floating-point numbers in java and c++?
[1 reply] : [quote=Ema]Please, can anyone tell me what are the smallest floating-p... (by LB)
Essentials of Linux
Hi. Please explain to me the following. I know these are online but not written in a way for a begin...
[4 replies] Last: thanks..much clear....I did for user xyz: UID PID PPID C STIME TTY ... (by csstudent123)
Install Stanford libraries...
Hello, I am trying to solve the Stanford course materials at home Course cs106bx. I am a Beginner ,...
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PThread, BOOST:Thread and C++11 Thread comparison
Where can you use multithreading/concurrency library provided by BOOST, C++11 STL and Pthread? What ...
[3 replies] Last: AFAIK C++ STL and Boost threads are largely interchangable, since the ... (by Disch)
by MacC
Unicode Terminal
Hello, I recently started programming with ncurses on Linux. Through experimenting with it, I fo...
[2 replies] Last: This looks like a more comprehensive answer. https://stackoverflow.com... (by kbw)
Piping and C
Hi. I am new in shell programming. I have this problem which I want to teach myself. Please head me ...
[7 replies] Last: -b bytes -w words -l lines In other words, the argument tells which ... (by keskiverto)
Multithreading Seg fault
I am new to multithreading and I tried to implement it using pthreads on my merge sort. mergeSort4 r...
[1 reply] : First of all, please check your return codes. Also, why are you cre... (by koothkeeper)
Change of the locale
First of all, I'm sorry for my English. I'm trying to change the locale in a C++ program to put acc...
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by Damian
what does '...' mean in c/c++?
Recently i view nginx source code, and see the code below: switch (rc) { case ...
[2 replies] Last: LB is correct OP, however just so you are aware, the ellipsis operator... (by Little Bobby Tables)
C/C++ with bash/UNIX Tutorials
where can I find some good using C/C++ with UNIX/bash tutorials? Thank You AO!
[4 replies] Last: Automation is best done in Bash on Unix, not C++. ummm i wouldnt s... (by Little Bobby Tables)
Check Leak using VmData
I want to Check Memory Leak. I checked VmData of /proc/pid/status. I deleted Heap Region but VmDat...
[2 replies] Last: valgrind is a good tool to check memleak~ (by Damian)
need help understanding makefile
I have a homework assignment but I am struggling to create the makefile. My teacher hasn't provided ...
[10 replies] Last: ok, well, to each his own. I use cmake because I was able to write a ... (by IWishIKnew)
OpenGL/X11 rendering problem using Qt QGLWidget on Ubuntu
I am having a very strange problem with an OpenGL visualization in a Qt window. The basics of the ap...
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Linked List with a node using push_back
I am having trouble with void push_back() i dont knwo what to put in the () to make it work. ...
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