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MAPI client library
hi, looking for client side library in order to fetch, read and delete mail on MS-Exchange Server...
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Using C++ for System Administration tasks
When a system administrator (especially someone managing Linux-based systems) needs to do things rep...
[1 reply] : So you know about scripting languages, and from reason you prefer a co... (by tipaye)
problem in using fork
Hello everyone! I just started to learn Linux programming,My doubt may seem very silly to you,but i...
[2 replies] Last: thank you very much! Now this is clear, I gone through whole documenta... (by hellcoder)
program corruption
I am making a game, I am using vectors to store npc data. I run my program in a way that it gets a s...
[9 replies] Last: Line 12 calls npc.initialize(10); which calls X.resize(npcs); to r... (by dhayden)
Simple pointer return goes wrong
Hello, I'm trying to do a simple pointer return but the program keeps crashing. It's a simple sol...
[2 replies] Last: I'm trying to do a simple pointer return but the program keeps crashi... (by kbw)
by Elidor
gprof for profiling standard libraries
Hello, I'm new to profiling, and in general terminal software testing tools, and am trying to unders...
[3 replies] Last: Ok, so I think I'm getting a little closer to the solution. Under some... (by Elidor)
Compiling tictactoe
Good day to all, I have made some improvements with my tictactoe, and would like to test if it work...
[10 replies] Last: What error messages do you get when you try to compile? Look at them ... (by David Nuttall)
Hi Everyone, I am an IT professional and want to boost up my carrier my favorite subject is C...
[1 reply] : Certifications are not really worth much when things are constantly ch... (by ShodanHo)
g++ gcc error
I get the following error when every trying to compile anything with g++ g++ Testing.cpp -o t -std=...
[3 replies] Last: As suggested, try other compiles: g++ -c Testing.cpp -o Testing.o -v ... (by ShodanHo)
Cannot link pthread
Hello, I have been trying to follow a online tutorial for C++ pthread and I cannot seem to get pthr...
[3 replies] Last: I got it fixed it by changing: find_package(Boost 1.56 COMPONENTS fi... (by arortell)
Compatibility between 32 and 64-bit
Hi, I am working under FreeBSD 9.2 64-bit using G++ 4.8. I succeed compiling some codes made for 3...
[3 replies] Last: I'm not sure what you mean by compatibility issues . You have to ens... (by kbw)
Best way to master linux
Do i do CS degree or IT degree to master linux/unix ?
[17 replies] Last: I regret this. Glad to hear. (by mutexe)
Meaning of * in bash
Hello, What is the meaning of code? the use of * and the "tree" seem unclear to me. ls for i in ...
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Read and write blocks of SD card from userspace
Hello All, I'm trying to access a SD card using low level read/write functions (without file syst...
[1 reply] : Hello all, I get working WRITE and READ commands directly to the SD us... (by jcsistemas2001)
Open Office automation using c++
Any one help me to automate open office using c++. I am using centos, g++ compiler and appache open...
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Providing arguments using standard input and error
I am trying to write a program which invokes a custom command to add two numbers. The addition func...
[2 replies] Last: prints out gibberish You should convert an int value into a charac... (by tcs)
by Sh0es
Exit Code 126 in Code::Blocks
I'm using Code::Blocks (latest) and Fedora 20. My code compiles fine, but when I go to run or debug ...
[1 reply] : I don't know what the problem is and I don't have much experience with... (by Peter87)
Android Programming in C?
Hi all! ( I think this is the right forum for this, Android is a linux distro isnt it? ) I hav...
[1 reply] : Pretty much every cross-platform mobile game engine uses the NDK. You ... (by Avilius)
by Sh0es
Permission Error, Exit Code 126
So I try to debug my program in Code::Blocks (Fedora 20 btw), and every time I get the error "permis...
[1 reply] : Where is your project located? (by Fr0zen1)
Adding a permanent path in Linux Mint
Wanted to add PATH=$PATH:/usr/include/wx-2.8/wx but don't know how. Any help? I've tried making a...
[10 replies] Last: Thank you norm b, that worked :). Thanks to keskiverto for all his he... (by Fr0zen1)
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