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terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::bad_alloc' what(): std::bad_alloc
Hi friends, Running the following program results in the following messages: terminate called aft...
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System crash
Hi, I have a function call "process". I want to call this function in a multi threaded environmen...
[2 replies] Last: getNextObjectFromQueue() returns a pointer to a struct. Where is that ... (by modoran)
open source project
Hi All, Greetings of the day I want to work on some open source projects based on language C/C++ ...
[1 reply] : Tried sourceforge? https://sourceforge.net/directory/?q=C%2B%2B or gi... (by kbw)
by tnavid
asn1 function in openssl
Hello, I have a structure like this: ExampleStructure { name (maxsize:255) age (range:0-99) contact...
[1 reply] : OpenSSL does have asn1 functions, and it does work, and it is ubiqutou... (by kbw)
Function using in multi threaded environment
Hi, I have a doubt about function usage in multi threaded environment. Think, we have a small c f...
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Segfault during malloc
Hello I am trying to load a large dictionary file into a hashtable for a spell checker.I am getting ...
[4 replies] Last: > to use the variable name not the type name yes, it is less error pro... (by ne555)
by mzzz
how to start c programming on linux
Hi~,I am new here.i think that i already have basic understanding on C/C++. Now i want to try progra...
[3 replies] Last: You don't need to know anything about the kernel, POSIX is the standar... (by kbw)
data exchange between two clients Over sockets
Here the program echos the same messages which was sent by the client to the the same client. I want...
[1 reply] : I want to interchange the data between clients. Your loop should look... (by kbw)
make cmake_check_build_system error 1
I am trying to run the make command, but it says [cod
[1 reply] : cmake probably used static paths (i cant remember the proper name). tr... (by Little Bobby Tables)
Decimal to Binary
I tired to make a c++ program that converts decimal numbers into binary, I got it right but the thin...
[4 replies] Last: #include<iostream> #include<bitset> int main() { int i; std:... (by Luke Leber)
how to take backup of a file without stopping the running process
Hi I need to take the backup of a debug file with out stopping that process. Could you please me ...
[2 replies] Last: Find PID of your process: $ ps -C a.out 1234 ? 00:00:00 a.out Atta... (by Konstantin2)
Tic Tac Toe Problom
The program seems to run fine until you hit 1 to play again it will let you move twice then say its ...
[2 replies] Last: Do you ever initialize the More variable in main()? Also, make sure yo... (by koothkeeper)
Problem Including OpenCL library
Hi, I'm having what is probably a really basic silly problem but Google has failed me and I reall...
[2 replies] Last: Wow, yup that fixed it. I didn't even think about the directives. Than... (by blackbird8192)
question on building a C++ library
Hello, I have about 80 short C++ programs (without main) which I would like to combine into a li...
[16 replies] Last: thanks to modoran, dhayden and ne555 for your informative answers :+) ... (by TheIdeasMan)
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