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where i find mipsel-unknown-elf-gcc ?
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So this makes no sense / Official Proof C++ is broken?
First of all, this is done in netbeans on a virtual lunix 32 bit machine. Here are the two functions...
[4 replies] Last: My guess is that you are passing an invalid path name and lstat is fai... (by dhayden)
by farai
libserial, handle serial port data
I am using libserial library to interact with a modem using c++. The C++ code sends an AT command: ...
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Serial USB Adapeter access through gcc/g++
Hello, for the program that I am developing I am using a USB Serial adapter since my machine does no...
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Compile Errors with Wallet Creation
Hello to all of the dedicated C++ programmers out there. I am really new to C++, but I decided to us...
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by jazpen
Accessing Label of storyboard in Other File
Hello. I hope this is the proper place to go within kind of question. I am using Xcode 5 and am havi...
[1 reply] : OK so now I have made the labels properties of ViewController. They ar... (by jazpen)
Cross compiling from Linux to Mac?
How do I cross compile from Linux to Mac OS X Now I DO have a Mac, but I use Linux for programming...
[1 reply] : Do you really need to cross compile? You have access most Linux tools... (by kbw)
Linux/Unix beginner question
Hello everyone. I am supposed to use Ubuntu for my university curriculum and c++. Sometimes I need t...
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by JPX
Code::Blocks "build options" grayed out
OS: Ubuntu 14.0.4 IDE version: 13.12 Compiler: GCC I'm having trouble getting Allegro 5 set up un...
[2 replies] Last: That worked! Thanks a million! (by JPX)
if else and if combination in bison
if and if else conflicts in my Bison code. I have given here my sample code. %token <lbls> ...
[8 replies] Last: I searched in some sites. It gives me the result that the problem is ... (by Heartly R)
Passing signals between parent and child processes crashing after 2 outputs
I am trying to use signals to pass between a parent and child process, but after the first 2 stateme...
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by btrfly
Please help me compiling code
I am new to c++ . I am from php background I have 3 files main.cpp game.hpp and game.cpp(class file...
[11 replies] Last: You are welcome @btrfly, sorry for the late reply, If you are using U... (by eyenrique)
by atac57
Linker problems when building boost::filesystem example
I'm trying to test out the example on the tutorial page: #include <iostream> #include <boost/fi...
[1 reply] : Figured it out, when compiling do g++ test.cpp -lboost_system -lboos... (by atac57)
by greer
Code runs on the cmd line but crashes in gdb
Hi, Please excuse cross posting but I'm not sure if this is a beginner question or a linux questi...
[2 replies] Last: How come the code can execute on the command line, but terminates in ... (by vaportrack)
by rossig
Copy an array to a vector, it doesn't work in all cases.
Hi everyone, I have the following functions and they're applied in the following manner: int Get...
[5 replies] Last: Its just data dude. If its a bunch of char then it a bunch of chars. I... (by vaportrack)
Emulate / Be USB HID Device
Hello, i have installed Ubuntu and now i want to use a male to male usb cable and connect 2 PCs. ...
[2 replies] Last: I'm with Little Bobby Tables , both PCs will have USB host hardware... (by Grey Wolf)
fixing compiler warnings
Hi all , How can we fix the Wsuggest-attribute=noreturn warning ? Thank you chathura
[1 reply] : https://gcc.gnu.org/onlinedocs/gcc-4.3.5/gcc/Function-Attributes.html ... (by helios)
Win OK Mint fails
This code compiles and runs fine with MinGWTDM-32 on Win 7 But fails on Linux Mint (32bit) with g...
[4 replies] Last: Yes it is an MS thingy and I should have known but the old brain cells... (by jcfuller)
Help debugging heat_conduction code
This is a simple code I'm trying to write to evaluate the analytical solution of heat conduction in ...
[8 replies] Last: When in doubt about order in C++ just put ( ) around it. Scoping in C+... (by vaportrack)
socket message.
My problem is in line 162 i need check if my buffer is = 'add' to do something. but it does not wo...
[6 replies] Last: Break you program into functions. Use proper indentation. Pun th... (by kbw)
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