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by Krunal
Having problem with chat client server.. I dont know why server is not sending the message to multiple client
//client.cpp #include<stdio.h> #include<fcntl.h> #include<stdlib.h> //krunal m patel main()...
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<chrono> C++11 namespace issues
Hi, I am trying to use <chrono> in ubuntu 14.04 with g++/gcc 4.8.2 and I cannot see the std::chro...
[6 replies] Last: It does: http://ideone.com/wdGGfn (by NoXzema)
extract text from text
how i extract a word from a text like this code that chervil has sent to me: double extract(con...
[6 replies] Last: In this case there is no need to use a stringstream. Its only purpose ... (by Chervil)
search and count letter by pointer
i have a function letter_counting(char * s1,char letter) i want send to function sentenc...
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by Chubby
need help with makefile
I am try to make a makefile. but didnt work i type touch makefile ---> makefile create ----> in th...
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Printing all filenames and number of lines/words
Hi, I'm trying to print all the name of the files in the working directory as well as the number of ...
[4 replies] Last: Hi, I'm trying to print all the name of the files in the working dire... (by kbw)
Running shell commands...?
I can run a shell command with: #include <iostream> #include <iostream> #include <stdi...
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Makefile that gives two .exe
Hey everyone, I'm trying to do a makefile that spits out two .exe. The files that I have are stack.h...
[1 reply] : PROG1 = prog1 PROG1_SRCS = teststack.cpp PROG2 = prog2 PROG2_SRCS = ... (by kbw)
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