UNIX/Linux Programming - September 2012

How i can execute a script
Hi everyone, I have the next quiestion, I am learning to use OPENSSL and I have the next SCRIPT #...
[1 reply] : Either pass it as an argument to bash bash SCRIPT or set executable ... (by naraku9333)
by ritka
read() vs fread()
hi, i have a question about c filestreams. there are so many differnt types of reading from/writing...
[13 replies] Last: question?well. i will give you a appropriate answer. (by Henryrugal)
[SOLVED] select() returns "ready" even after I closed producer (FIFO)
Hello, I have a producer application that writes data into a FIFO, and I have a consumer applicat...
[2 replies] Last: EBADF An invalid file descriptor was given in one of the sets. (Per... (by vincegata)
independent client server
if i open multiple clients then i m getting previous msgs also at the server end,below is the code. ...
[3 replies] Last: i can't even imagine why it should not print the message ... because ... (by kbw)
Can vim has Emacs tables
How can I make a table in vim like Emacs.as follow shows.. +----------+-----------------+ |vim...
[2 replies] Last: it's a language (by JaleesaClawson)
operating system error
Hi... I was using Ubntu 12.10 for C/C++ but when I started my computer Today then...
[2 replies] Last: O/S is a simple sub......................... (by AbdulDavidson)
by ne555
Invert intensity (HSI)
Playing a little I found the XF86VidModeSetGammaRamp() function that allow to change the LUT of th...
[2 replies] Last: No, that would simply invert the image. (green would become magenta) I... (by ne555)
function pointer to memcpy
I have a function point that i want to initialize with memcpy void (*op)(const void*, const void...
[2 replies] Last: thank you for the useful tip (by closed account GLyURXSz)
solaris from 32 to 64 core dump
I had a program compile under sunos 32bit and work fine , but when i compile it under 64bit it compi...
[1 reply] : There are many ways in which an erroneous C++ (or C) program could com... (by Cubbi)
no sound on ubuntu 12.04?
the sound was working just fine yesterday, and for some reason there is no sound today.
[2 replies] Last: Check that the right sound output device is selected in sound settings... (by Athar)
how to get a single wide character (wchar_t) one by one from *.txt file in c++??
i am working on Urdu Hindi translation/transliteration. my objective is to translate an Urdu sentenc...
[1 reply] : IIRC inputfile.get() returns an integer why not wchar_t wc; while(i... (by Texan40)
Create package of Structs
Hey all, What is the best way to include a whole bunch of structs into a program. I'm messing arou...
[2 replies] Last: Good call. Thank you. Now there are like over 500 pokemon I think. ... (by poridgemaster18)
by an3
hi everybody. I have a little problem with "umount": in a piece of software i try to mount a flash d...
[3 replies] Last: thanks for your answers! I had a little mistake in my code posted here... (by an3)
ncurses, how to print out a string from input
hi all, I'm having trouble finding out how to input a string. This is what i've got so far: #incl...
[3 replies] Last: I realised that there really isn't any good tutorials for learning ncu... (by mferarri)
Problems with reading HTTP requests
Hi all, I am trying to implement a simple HTTP server with C that 1. reads a request 2. check...
[2 replies] Last: i highly recommend you to use a 3rd party library like libcurl to hand... (by modoran)
by grima
Sorting a multidimensional array
Hi all, I would like to sort two arrays (two vectors) after the first and then after the second a...
[3 replies] Last: The best way to achieve this is to use a struct like this: struct d... (by AleaIactaEst)
Fallout 3 Terminal as a C++ Program
/***************** * CREATED * * BY * * HUNTER HARPOLE * ******************...
[2 replies] Last: It's not very good code to begin with. The password is hardcoded, and ... (by errcheck)
error() - is there a function like this in gnu/linux?
Hi all, I am learning to code in c++ on Linux Mint 13. I am going through an exercise drill in ...
[5 replies] Last: Just curious, what is the contents of std_lib_facilities.h ??? see... (by mferarri)
Hello I am new to C/C++ programming through Linux/Unix right now I am using Ubntu 12.04. withg gc...
[10 replies] Last: I don't really use emacs for much besides auto indent and syntax highl... (by ResidentBiscuit)
MinGW linking error "undefined reference to ..." Qt Creator with custom library.
Hi Guys, I have come across a very troubling problem because I can't seem to solve it and a ver...
[5 replies] Last: Ok, I figured it out. It turns out that the MinGW compiler likes MinGW... (by Snowball)
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