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A Calculator
Here it is: #include <iostream> #include <cmath> int main() { using namespace std; ...
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by Slazer
Why shared libraries end with 1.0
Hi. I would like to ask why the names of shared libraries end with "1.0". For example in "libcmath.s...
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Starting With Ubuntu
Salam(Persian). I work with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 in windows7 64bit to writing c++ programs. ...
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Not sure What I did wrong
I'm trying to code a program for class that basically functions as a search program for a dictionary...
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Shutdown a socket Accepting new Connections from Client
Hi All, I want a way to down a Server Socket accepting new TCP connection requests from Clients. ...
[1 reply] : You need to shutdown reads on the server socket. http://pubs.opengroup... (by kbw)
regex for emails also pulls out files?
I have a regex that pulls out emails. It is inserted in a c++ program inside of a system() call (don...
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