Does this forum has and android apps?

I am very new to this, Forum but I can assure you that this forum does not have Android Related Development Libraries to help nor a Dedicated Forums to Android Development.

I know a Forum which has Android Application Development Forums:

Good Luck!
am tring to find how to use graphics on c++ so [ can make a 3D game or animations

If you want to make games I can tell you to stay here because there are some awesome game developers here but not sure if there are any Developers who develop on Android Platform.

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if you want to do pc/*nix games, i suggest sfml. if its for android, java/opengl, if its ios, obj-c/opengl es or quartz
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hold on... your name is IOS (Aka the Internet operating system (or did you mean input output stream?) Aka Apples Operating system for iphone) and your posting about how you want to make apks in the windows section?
I read a book for c++
but it doesnot show how to use. graphics
can anyone help me with these tutorial
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I really hope you are not starting programming GUI and Graphics using C++.

Looking at the question it seems you do not even know the basics of C++ let alone how to make Games so I suggest you first learn basics before you step a ahead.

I can tell you once you understand Basics of C++ you are good to go.

I recommend you to look up Allgero , SFML , GDI , OpenGL. They are high level libraries dedicated to graphics.

Good Luck!
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