Hooking to an Application

Hey guys,

Originally posted this in the beginners thread but its probably a bit more troublesome than that.

Im a noob when it comes to c++ but im learning as much as I can from articles. youtube and reading here/just playing around. I have a project that I am working on for myself and im just taking the first steps but need a bit of help while im jumping in the deep end.

I have a gui with one button on it , the buttons job is to identify a program , in this case the program is "Pokerstars" select a "Lobby" and then open that lobby. This is what the software looks like:


I have placed two red arrows to demonstrate the "lobbies" when you select one of them you either double click or hit return when one is highlighted to present you with the lobby window which looks like this:


So my first question is , how do I "hook" to just the pokerstars window in the first screen shot so that when I hit "return" or send a double click command to open the lobby it only sends that command inside of pokerstars window and not to potentially something else that could be open?

Second question would be do I just use the keyboard return as a kind of "sendkeys" to do this or a similar mouse click or is there an easier way?


Had this thread in the beginners and was told that this should probably be here , was also advised this maybe "focus" related Im not really sure where I coined the hook phrase from , but any advice , even a starting point would be much appreciated :)
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