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I was searching over the internet for the most important Windows messages to process for an application, but I didn't find a list, even on msdn.
Please send me a list of the most important ones, I really need it!

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This information is on MSDN, the problem though is that it's all over MSDN.

Basic System Messages:

Raw Input Messages:

Painting And Drawing Messages:

It goes on like that. The messages are more or less grouped into the section that they are most relevant in. Usually you'll be fine processing the messages you know you want to do something with and leaving the rest up to the DefWindowProc().

EDIT: I want to mention that there are more messages but again they would be listed in their relevant sections in MSDN.
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Here... Big list of all windows messages:

Some key ones depending on what you're doing would be WM_PAINT, WM_KEYDOWN, WM_KEYUP, WM_DESTROY, WM_CREATE, and such.
Thanx a lot, now I can continue coding my little "framework".

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