Recommended COM books?

Hi, I would like to get started with Windows development but don't know anything about COM. Are there any recommended books on the subject?
"Essential COM" by Don Box is a good starting point. It explains the fundamentals clearly.

But most COM code is written using ATL (if you're writing in C++), so the next step is to learn about that. The book on that is "ATL Internals" (aimed at advanced C++ programmers)

(Don Box wrote an article about ATL back when it firts appeared:

The Active Template Library Makes Building Compact COM Objects a Joy

There will still be quite a bit to learn, but that can be done bit by bit, later on. For example, you don't need to know too much about monikers to start with.


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The three books I learned most from Dale Rogerson's "Inside COM", Guy And Henry Eddon's "Inside DCOM" (its really more about COM), and Andrew W. Troelsen's "Workshop To COM And ATL 3.0". The only one of those with much ATL in it is Troelsen's book. Also very noteworthy are Jeff Glatt's online tutorials. Do a search for "COM In Plain C" for those. Very highly recommended.

I'll be perfectly honest about this - I never really learned this stuff until I did it in straight C. I was always interested in the details of what's going on with the virtual function tables, and if that interests you, its very unlikely you'll ever really understand it if you only deal with it at the C++ level. The reason I'm saying that is because the compiler sets all this up behind the scenes, and you never really see it. That's why I think Jeff Glatt's initial tutorial is so good.
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