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try using a relative folder?
So, compilers like relative folders??

If you're using wxWidgets on Windows, you should prob. be used the WXWIN environment variable that mordoran mentioned above, rather than a spelt-out (or even spelled-out) or relative path. If it's not set incorrectly, then alter the variable to point at the place that wxWidgets is currently located. But I thought you'd already done this??

A good reason to use the environment variable, rather than the other options, is that it allows you to keep more than one version of wwxWidget about. I keep them is versioned directories, e.g. C:\SDKs\wxWidgets-2.9.4, and set WXWIN to point at the version I want to use (the default is set in the system environment; the others using batch files). This can be useful when swapping up to a new version of wxWidgets when something doesn't quite go right!

I can not seem to get the environment variable to work...

After you set the variable, did you restart your development environment? Existing processes don't generally pick up environment changes (unless they're watching for them). So if you alter an environment, you need to restart NetBeansm Code::Blocks, Visual Studio, etc and even cmd.exe.


PS Did you add the `wx-config --cxxflags`yourself? Or was it added automatically?

I know there is some wx-config.exe port for windows too

The one I use came with CodeLite -- but I see from the readme.txt that it originally came from http://wx-config-win.googlecode.com ) If you do use it, you need to set another environment variable, WXCFG, or specify the config when you invoke wx-config, using --wxcfg=<relative config path>
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EssGeEich Said:
Not sure if they do actually prefer them, but I'm almost sure they accept them.
And, yes, your error lies in that line.
I've written all above messages from mobile so let me explain why I thought of this, now:

The exact command -I you have there (-I/C\wxWidgets\include) means:

Add an Include directory, and let it be C\wxWidgets\include
But as it doesn't exist, it is ignored?
As it is ignored, it cannot find wx/wx.h inside that folder.

Isn't there any project for wxWidgets to be compiled?
Because it seems like you're having lots of troubles.

Also remember you cannot make a library with GCC if you won't compile your entire program with GCC

Cannot make a library with GCC if I don't compile the program with GCC? I'm not sure I follow... Does that refer to gcc.exe? It compiles both C and C++, so I assume you mean that the include directory needs to be put under the C compiler; additional search paths option.
Cannot make a library with GCC if I don't compile the program with GCC?

Might it mean you have to link an exe built with GCC agains wxWidgets libraries which have also been built using (the same version of) GCC?

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Yes, what I meant is, you cannot create the library with GCC and use it (it -> the compiled library) within MSVS, and vice versa.
Use it within MSYS?

I'm using netbeans, which in turn, uses my compiler... MSYS was not used to compiler the library, so I don't know what you're talking about...

Also, it was put through MinGW compiler, which can compile both C and C++, so clarification may help me understand, a bit better, what you mean.
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Given the context, MSVS = Microsoft (MS) Visual Studio (VS)

i.e. you can't use a (C++) library built with Visual C++ toolset with an exe built using GCC toolset. Or vice versa.

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Yep, I actually meant MSVS as Microsoft Visual Studio.
And Andy explicited a bit more what I meant.
... Nuwen used VC++? O_O

So.... wtf... I have to download MinGW, and have another futile attempt to build boost??
No, no one is saying nuwen uses VC++. They are saying a lib built with gcc can only be used by gcc.
... wxWidgets was built with GCC... (it was built with MinGW....).

I do not understand, what is the implication?

I do not use MSVS, nor do I have the infernal compiler on my computer, so I know for a fact wxWidgets was not compiled using MSVS.
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I didn't say you was using it, I was just pointing out you should not "split" your work between them.

EssGeEich wrote:
Also remember you cannot make a library ...

And, how is it going about compiling wxWidgets?

Still at the same stage...

I am currently working on a project, but I also have school, so I am too buisy to mess around with this at the moment.
All folders are relative to C:\\ but I it figured out painfully that if you want your code to run on other machines do not use absolute addressing. and separate your code/dll and static libs from the IDE project folders. "Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want"-Randy Pausch
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