WinApi GUI builder?

Hello I'd just like to ask if anyone knows of any GUI builders out there for WinApi C like there is for Java's Swing libary under Netbeans. What I mean by GUI builder is a IDE type format that allows you drag and drop components into an API and adds code to your source.
MFC, Resource Editor/Class Wizard
So I'm assuming there is no way to do this without wrapping the WinApi to c++ objects.
MFC is not a C API. There is ResEdit, it does not require MFC and works with every windows compiler, free of charge:
Thank you modoran. Looks very useful but I don't see to many resources for learning it. I'll be reading the documentation.
When it comes to Visual Studio and the Win32 API, the resource editor (which kbw mentioned, which comes with the paid for editions VS only) or ResEdit.exe (as mentioned by modoran), is all you get -- and all they allow you to do is edit the controls on dialogs only, not the child windows of regular windows.

But it is possible to embed a dialog in a window, though this can take a bit of work to get right.

(MFC's CFormView class is an implementation of dialog embedding. Behind the scenes it does CreateDialog for you and then does most of the required, routine work.)

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