WinAPI tutorials?

Where are some good tutorials for a novice on programming using the winAPI? I already know a lot about C++ console I/O, I wanna make modern applications now. So, any good tutorials out there for newbies?

Why, are you not "googleing" it. All your questions are very much out there.

Let me google that for you:
Download a pdf of petzold's 5th edition book. Then your all set.

You are right but the thing I always do is first see if the Topic is difficult for me and such because the problem with these books are that the explanation they do is too complicated and confusing.

I first gather some knowledge about the Subject before I buy a book or download a PDF of the book.

I never really read books dedicated to programming because I learn the theory then I make my own code, because I personally, think making your own code based on a Theory Work gives you, your own style of programming.

It seems like he a new programmer to this API so I first suggest he understands the programming concepts and theory.
You can always ask on this forum. Lots of smart people who can answer and clear your confusions.

The book teaches you the theory and concepts, its the best way to learn imo
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