Why MFC and Why Qt?

Hi! Please include about getting a job. thanks.
sorry, im currently eating a potato fries so i made it short. what i mean is which one will you choose for gui development? MFC or QT? and about getting a job, which skill do the employers need? c++/qt or c++/mfc?
it really depends on the company I guess. if you do a search for c++ jobs you should be able to find which is the most 'popular'.
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google "c++ mfc jobs UK" then "c++ qt jobs UK" (or wherever you live if it ain't the UK, which i'm guessing it isn't based on the use of the word "fries" :) ).
thanks :D
I do understand, this question has been answered but why are some of the members not searching but rather spamming this forum with useless crap which can be found on the first page in a notable forum.

Use your brain, guys.
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