How to make Exe for application independent of developing system

i Developed a win32 application with visual studio 2008.I copied the exe file of that application to another system in which visual studio not installed.When i am opening that appliaction it showing that "application failed to start because its side by side configuration is incorrect.Please see the application event log".This is my first program i am doing on visual studio.please help me to run the application without development system
Stop distributing applications compiled in debug mode (always use release mode) and it will work on any computer if VS2008 runtime is installed on that computer.

The version of runtime must match the version you used when you compiled the application.
Thanks alot for your reply,but i copied and tried with the release mode exe file. application is opening,but my program is malfunctioning i think becuase of memory overwritting,How to track that memory overwritting problem.Debugging time i canot identify that memory overwritting problem .What to do? Please kindly hepl me
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Did you disable the CRT, because normally applications can also malfunction . Does it say there is a specific DLL is mussing?
I think the program is crashing, if you post full source code we may be able to find the problem.

However, this is a coding error, has nothing to do with your development system.
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Sorry I am not authorized to post the code.I have some question.It may be simple don't feel bad
1.Can I debug the code in Release mode?
2.What is CRT Disabling?
Yes, you can debug it in Release mode just as well, but the only difference is that Debug mode runs the program as it is wrote and has additional symbols load in it by Visual Studio to show some of the bugs more clearly and also the compiler will not optimize the code very much if not at all.

Whereas in release mode Visual Studio will not be emitting debug symbols and will emit Code Optimization.

The release mode will also reduce the Application size by quite a bit because of complete reduction of debug symbols which is normally loaded in.

One can expect funny bugs\error in release mode application the reason is because when Compiler Optimizes your original code it can slightly change the layout in memory.

"CRT Disabling" mean changing the Code Generation type.

Good Luck!
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