File types Used in Programs

I thought I had a pretty good understanding of the resources available in programming for Windows, but once again I find that I only know a small slice of what is out there.
Until today I thought that the file-types that you might use to control and modify a program were;

main.cpp, header.h, and resource.rc

I was happy with those, they were within my comfort zone and while .rc files used different syntax, they were simple enough to understand.

Today I found out that there are "Batch files" (.cmd) which once again have a very different syntax, but can somehow be used to modify a Windows program. Ugh. I'm self taught, so I'll be devoting the next couple of days to learning how and when to use batch files, but what I really need is a list of file types commonly used in C++ Windows API programming so that I know what to study next.

So I'm asking you, do you mind just posting some extension types that you feel are important to learn?

First of all, I really do not understand why you want to learn about file types but anyway it is you.

These are file types to do with Windows API:

.sys .com .scr .cpl
.drv .exe .dll .lnk .ocx

Of course there are many more file types but these are the most commonly associated file extensions\types.

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There are a lot of file type. It would probably be better to focus on what you want to achieve and learn the languages, tools and technologies you need to achieve it, learning about the different file types on the way.

But the list in the first post of this forum thread might help; it's a list of the types you most commonly encounter when using Visual C++

Which Visual C++ file types should be committed to version control?

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Thanks for the lists, and I've come to the same conclusion that it won't be worth the time learning the languages for each file type if I am unlikely to ever use them. I just started freaking out when I realized that there was such a large amount that I didn't know how to do.
I will be doing quick look-ups on all those file types so that at least I know what's out there, but again, thank you for both the lists and the advice.

And learning which files type should and shouldn't be committed to version control, which the article discusses is a useful thing to know. When people commit built files, it can cause VC++ problems when you try to make a new build.

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