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Hello all,

I want to control a slave robot by using a master robot over the Internet in C++. Everything is going well however, in case the operator wants to quit the application by pressing Enter how can he carry it out? The second problem is because I need to quit the device and clean it once the main function is terminated, but the problem is once the operator quits the application, it never back to complete the main function. Any suggestions?
Are you serious? You got me all wrong. I don't know what the hell you're talking about. I think I should report your reply as an offense and rude reply. I think you haven't heard about Master-Slave control. Have you? I do know how I can do it in Opengl since glut allows me to control the keyboard event. However, I need similar event in windows ( which proper handle? ).
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Now I understand what you say, edit your question please.

Also I think I have heard about Master-Slave control a lot in Malware field thus this thought popped up.

Also go on then report it. Besides it is not a threat nor a offense.
What you're talking about. You're trying to ruin my reputation by misunderstanding my question and telling others that I'm doing illegal activities. Unbelievable! and Yes I did report your post. Why in the hell do I need to edit my question? I mentioned clearly that I'm dealing with hardware ROBOT (Master & Slave) and if something goes wrong, it is easy to quit the application.
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Well, if you have enough common sense to look up Bot-net it will come up with ROBOT NETWORK & saying I want to control slave Robot by using master robot is not cleaver especially mentioning over internet.

Technically if two things connect via any type of data protocol it would be considered a network, it is a basic knowledge of Network Topology.

So now if you understand you know why, I thought it was malicious.

and no you did not write HARDWARE so, people mistake it for something else such as this one. Besides the whole question is generic, you are just asking for suggestions and HOW IS THIS TO DO WITH WINDOWS.
Did I report it for being in wrong section? no I am not a childish person like you.

You do not provide us with more information you are asking a useless question which no one can answer because of the lack of information.

Before you release your question into this forum verify if the question has enough information given too us.

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I think you like to argue, I don't and just drop it. Any suggestions from others.
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