Typed array member of c++ typedef struct in ASP.NET


I am working on an ASP.NET application and have set it up so I can pass a struct from C++ to C#. I would like this struct to have a typed array that gets correctly converted to an array on the C# side when the COM compiler generates the IDL. I can do this on a method signature by using satype("MyType") as one of the method modifiers. However, the only thing I've been able to do with a type member is an untyped array using SAFEARRAY*. For example (sorry if I have a syntax error below, I'm doing this from memory):

typedef struct {
int foo;
} Baz;

I want to instead be able to indicate the bar array contains elements of a certain type (sort of like what I do with satype on method declaration). Is this possible so that I don't have to manage an IntPtr in C#? I would think it would be possible, since it is in the other scenario.

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