anyone familiar with QT

I am debating on using MFC or QT for windows development. Is QT opensource(free) or is there a fee involved for compiler? can QT develop windows 7 and windows 8 applications. I would like any info I could on QT. Whats the best book for getting started with QT.
Is Qt open source (free) or is there a fee involved?

It has both type of license; which is appropriate depends on your use.

Qt Licensing

Hi, I am a Qt fan... and a beginner as well.

Well as andy said, Qt offers 2 types of licencing. The commercial licence is very expensive. However, the other type of licencing is LGPL (Lesser General Publc Licence).

What I understand after reading the Qt LGPL documentation is that so long as I am just "using" the built-in libraries provided and not "modifying" those built-in libraries, I can use it to develop any commercial or proprietory application. However, I advise you to read the licencing terms yourself very carefully.

I am using Qt on Windows 7. I don't know how much support they have for Windows 8. You can check out this link.

I don't know of any book but you can google around for information. The documentation and written/video tutorials provided on the net are quite exhaustive.
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there are 2 licenses for qt

your software must be opensource, or it could be commercial and closed code but there are a lot of restrictions
completely closed code (or your own terms) but license is tooooo expensive.

i have a problem because i want to start developing commercial software, i've used qt for years and i think it is the best but license terms are too bad.

i'm looking for alternatives, i recommend you the same
Don't use either (if you plan on commercial).
They are just too expensive.

Plus there are other FREE GUI libs.

I think designing platform specific GUIs is probably best.
Using #ifdef s, you can make it cross-platform (painstakingly).

If it's Windows only, use the WinAPI.
It's fast, free, small, and works on all Windows devices.

Though, if you must choose, DON'T USE MFC! Qt is better.
There is also WTL if you want to use Win32 via classes but don't want to deal with MFC.

Note that WTL does rely on ATL which is not included with the express version of Visual Studio 2012, or in the earlier versions of Visual C++ Express. But it is included in the Windows Driver Kit which is available for free.

I posted about this recently:

MFC and ATL are part of WDK (in case you didn't know...)

Of course, WTL is not cross-platform.

wxWidgets is sometimes used in preference to Qt for cross-platform development because of its more liberal licensing.

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Wow... I really forgot to mention wxWidgets! Thanks dude!

Since he is asking in the Windows area, I assume this is a Windows only project:
Win32 really is great, works on pretty much all versions, it's fully compiled, and native.
It's 100% free, and probably the best option here too. It's also easy! :)

EDIT: I forgot to say good luck!
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