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Suppose your on Youtube and you want to sign in your account. So you type in your username and password and click the sign in button. I want a code for a c++ program that copies the username and the password upon clicking the sign in button. Of course I want that to work on all sites. Thank you.

It is possible via using raw Winsock by making the POST requests manually. Or using Wininet.

I suggest using Wininet instead becuase it does all the necessary encryptions and such without having any worries.

Thanks for the reply, Ill look into that.
I highly recommend you to use libcurl instead of WinInet crap for multiple reasons:
I am an absolute noob in this area of c++ so if you guys can help me more I would appreciate it.
It seems to me that I have to implement which websites are going to work with the program (Am not sure though). I need something more practical, some thing that would work for all websites by default. Btw, I have no idea what talking about am just assuming based on what I skimmed from google.
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This program is a keylogger if it helps give you an idea of what I want.
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Not sure if it is malicious or not but will trust as safe.
No there are different types of key loggers so we cannot guess what type your is.
I already programmed a keylogger this is just an add-on to it or an improvement if you may. I'll just use it for pranking friends and family members and maybe stalking my crush xD. Nothing serious like stealing I promise. :)
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I don't think you should use C++ for this.
You should probably make a plugin for your browser, which is quite easier related to making the browser's basics in C++.

Or, you could simply run this code in your browser, while in the login page:

document.getElementById('signIn').onclick = function(){ alert('Mail: "'+document.getElementById('Email').value+'", Pass: "'+document.getElementById('Passwd').value+'"'); };
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I disregarded the plugin solution because its supposed to be hidden, and whenever I paste the code it just goes to google. Am using google chrome btw.
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Create a HTML file then put the code below into there. then Open it with Google Chrome and it should work.
LOL! Am such an idiot.
Should I put the usual <html> or do I just copy the code?
obviously... First of all you are jumping a ahead of your self quite badly, second of all if you do not know how to create a basic HTML file I highly doubt you actually programmed this "keylogger" of yours.

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I dont know man, isn't this code for someone who wants to get input from his own website other than another website like hotmail, youtube etc?
As I said use WinInet. I answered your question two times until now, one in PM you sent me now here.

It's because I am self learning and yes I cheated a little bit while developing this keylogger but I did do some stuff too. More like tweaks xD
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I can't figure out how to use it, am trying my best here. Am sorry if am wasting ur time too.
Don't worry about me man, You are not wasting my time. I know it seems hard but keep reading until you understand it but even if you still don't get it look at few examples.

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