starting with win programming

Hi, I have been programming in c++ for about a year now(so i am still a beginner),
and i wanted to learn some windows programming. I have tried to, but i got really confused with all the data types(lpstr,lpwstr...). i wanted to know, is there some online tutorial, or a book, that can help me understand that, and start programming for win in c++?
You can program in Windows by using the Windows Presentation Foundation where there is no need to use such typedef identifies.:)
In Windows API all the datatypes are about the size of it a example is:

DWORD it is a abbreviation for Double Word and a WORD is 16 bit unsigned int and therefore a DWORD is double the size of work thus the DWORD is 32 bit unsigned int.

There is a library for datatypes, it is in MSDN link:


No problem, pleasure to help

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Most of these are typedefs, others are simply #define ed.
You should check msdn for documentations. Learn by example. Windows programming has a unique style you will find easier if you become more familiar with it.
there is a youtuber named nickfrosty that makes some really usefull tutorials on windows programming.
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