x64 API hook help

I am trying to find valuable API hooking papers\tutorials under x64 on Windows. I need this for few projects I may be working on in near future I do not want to be hindering my "project" because I am still learning the concept. It is naturally a good idea to learn and understand x64 API hooking before learning while working on a project.

If it is alright can someone please post links\tutorials about x64 API hooking.

By the way can someone also post a simple example of a x64 hook function which hooks NT functions such as NtOpenThread because I do not know about x64 NT function hooking. On x86 architecture one can expect the same, predictable instruction:
mov eax, <SSDT INDEX>

and we know and trust that the length of is 5 bytes and so on.

I am not quite sure if it is the same for x64 bit NT function hooking.

Any Help would be Appreciated.

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