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Hello to all. I am not a programmer, but i really want to make a shutdown timer for pc. I know there are many of those timers, but neither of them doesn't have a option that i really need, so i decided to try to build one with the help of the forum . I made the window design in Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 express, but i don't know how to make it alive. Here how it looks:



And here is how it's supposed to work: let's say i want every weekday to shutdown at 01:00 AM, but what if i am not sleeping yet? For this purpose there is the "If no user input" option, so i insert the value 30min for ex. Now here is the whole point of this program, if it's 01:00 already, and there wasn't any user imput for more than 30 minutes then it's supposed to shut down. If it's 01:00 already and the user input is less than 30 minutes - it's supposed to wait until this value will be 30min. And vice versa - if the user input is already more than 30min but the time is not yet 01:00 am, it's supposed to wait until 01:00 am. Oh and there is another scenario, if i'm watching a movie, and the time will be 01:00 and the user input will be more than 30min, i don't want it to shut down, that's why there is a need for snooze button.

If someone could help me I will be very thankful, i can't really pay for this, but i'm a designer and i can help you to design something.

Here is the project in visual C++

P.S. Please excuse me if i didn't express myself correct, english is not my native language.
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you can do this all with windows native shutdown program. Open console and type shutdown for all options.

For example to open GUI version, type shutdown /i.
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