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I am trying to work with SDL, and the download was a .dll. I have never dealt with a .dll before, so how do I link it? Specifically, I want to link with the library as a shared object. That is what the license agreement says I need to do. I tried posting in the SDL forums, but nobody got back to me. I am running Windows 7, C++, with a third party compiler. I know that I should know this...

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You don't link to a DLL, you link to a lib. The DLL should have come in a package that has header files and libs.
I only got a DLL file. From what I have found, it seems possible to link explicitly in the code, at least with Microsoft Visual Studios. I am wondering if there is a way to do it with any C++ code?


This is the link to the Visual Studios help page explaining explicit linking, but I do not have the functions or data types mentioned. If you do not follow the link, they are LoadLibrary(), FreeLibrary(), and HINSTANCE.

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The import library is available from the SDL site

SDL version 2.0.0 (stable)

i.e. (on the SDL web page)

Development Libraries:

SDL2-devel-2.0.0-VC.zip <= contains required .lib file

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Thanks guys, I got it. I really hate that blind flailing feeling that I get when I cannot find the solution. I did not realize that 2.0 was stable, I will use that instead of 1.2. SDL 2.0 has a better license agreement anyways. : )

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