Reaching Password Writing Place

I want to make a simple password cracker in c++ with brute force. I can make a password genarator but how can i reach a password writing place? For example i want to crack a email password. How can i write the passwords -genarating by my program- into the password place in the website and click the login button with the c++ program? Is there a function for this in Windows?

Note: I'm using Windows 7 32 Bit ver.

I assume you already created the Brute Force algorithm. To actually start testing Email(s) and such you need to understand Windows Sockets and Windows Internet Communication.

The most associated header files are Winsock and Wininet. This means you would have most chances to find these out if you search the header files in your favorite Search Engine.

In the Network Programming try to familiarize yourself with SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol).

I also advice you to learn cryptography because many of the SMTP servers today require encrypted communication.

Therefore after a User-name and Password have been generated you can encrypt them into a encryption such as Base64 then send the Encrypted string to Server.


You can open a Webpage then do a manual Specific Machine Wise SendMessageW. This is very bad idea though.

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