Performance compare: Secured, Non-Secured

Hello, i have a deprecated project i like to upgrade.
I also get as advise from the VS2012 compiler that i should use the secured version of several commands like:
sprintf -> sprintf_s
strcpy -> strcpy_s
It would help finding buffer overflows and stuff like that, because in compare to VC6 compiler, there is not such a big padding as in compare to VS2012.
Even by copy of defines i had several buffer overflows.
But this programm even runs slow, i dont want disturb the performance this much by changing to the secured version, in case it is slower as the non-secured version.
It is FPS related, average 500-1000 times such secureable commands get executed per frame.

Is it adviseable to upgrade all commands, and how strong will the performanceloss be?
Well, I don't know very much about it nor do I know how large your program is and how hard it would be to change them, but the obvious thing to me is just to change them and see for yourself how different the performance is by testing it compared to before.
Does there exist some performance reports about the secured/non-secured commands?
I think the "secure" functions are pointless.
sprintf -> sprintf_s
strcpy -> strcpy_s

These ought to be
sprintf -> snprintf (or in Microsoft speak, _snprintf)
strcpy -> strncpy
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