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I have been programming in C++ for about 5 months. I have only been making console applications and I would like to start learning Windows programming. I have been reading Charles Petzoid's Programming Windows 5th edition, but I've been looking for an online tutorial too.

Thank you!
The only good way to get into Windows API programming is two ways.

- Study the API it self :

- or reading Charles Petzoid's Programming Windows 5th edition

alot of these online tutorials will not give you a good explanation of how stuff works and why to use them. I think you are on a right track. If you are having a hard time understanding a concept I suggest you learn a little bit more on c++ or learn about the Win32 API naming conventions, hungarian notation, new datatypes, structures, etc.
As Hertz pointed out, the MSDN link above offers great help.

Unlike in basic and standard C\C++ the theories which Windows Offers are as important as Write Code.

MSDN offers brilliant theory with Code usage.

If you are not strong in basic C\C++, learn the basics again or attempt few problems which are littered across the Internet.

Normally, I have a tendency to create unique ways to perform the same operation using different layout , functions and etc. Do the same it will gradually push you up.
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