Snap to Grid with user movable objects

I have a forms app that I am writing and I would like to have a box on the form that had a grid that users can add objects to by a button press and the objects would snap to the grid. I have attached a pic of what I am wanting. The grid has got to be a certain height but the length can grow with the amount of objects or depending on where the user places the objects. I am not wanting anyone to write the code, if someone knows of a site where it can walk me through a few steps or if someone could just say " you need to use a Text box and draw the grid and do this this and that". Just a good point in a direction would be a big helpful had at this time. Thank you

ok so I don't see where I can attach this pic. If anyone requests the pic I will be more then happy to e mail it to them.

BTW I am using VS 2012 C++/CLI forms, using the CLR
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