Work with two projects and one project folder

Hello guys,

currently I'm working on two projects at the same time. This two projects are embedded into one project folder. The first project is the default application that compiles and EXE file. The second project is an DLL project. I need for the first project that compiled DLL, LIB and header files of the second project, but there is still a problem:

If I compile the DLL project, I'm getting the DLL and LIB file in the debug folder of the first project and no header files. The problem is, I need the LIB file in the project_one\lib folder, the DLL file in the project_one\ folder and the header files into the project_one\extern\project_two folder. Is it possible to change the configuration to my demands?

Another question belongs to the compiling order: How is it possible to compile the project_two first and then the project_one?

Best regards and thanks for you help,
SKiD. (;
Change the project properties. It will let you choose target directories for binaries and intermediates.
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