How to Edit Parameters after __asm{}


Currently I am developing a application and for that I needed to create a new stack frame using:
pop ebx 
push ebp 
mov ebp,esp
push ebx 

As you may see I did create and handle the creation of stack frame properly all I have to do is initialize theret instruction and we will be returned to the function. Before that I wish to edit few parameters of the parent function of the above assembly code. Without using ASM because It takes a long time and It is not really effective when trying not to corrupt the stack frame all I need to do is change the values of few parameters.
Is there are ways to change the values without using Assembly.

Are you still working on this OP? I'm curious about how far you've gotten. Where is the data you are trying to manipulate? Is it a particular register or flag? Or is it just something on the stack?
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