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How could I create a full screen program that could not be closed, minimized and if you tried to close it, turned off your computer? My biggest problem here is on windows 7 there is a button on the bottom left to show your desktop.
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I don't think it's possible .well it if u make a simple os...maybe their is another way.but ppl can just open task manager and stop process

It is possible unless you skin the application so that the buttons are not visible to the end-user\client and in the WM_DESTORY and WM_CLOSE cases which is located in the Window Callback you put nothing that way there is nothing to be executed when the button are pressed.

The only way to close it is to terminate the process via security utilities such as Task Manager (I would consider it), and more so to bypass then you show hook KiFastSystemCall then inject it to every process, to deny access to any of your software resources which include processes, files and such so there is no way to close it.

Next of all there are few AV equip with Task Manager such as Web-root Secure Anywhere and few more Web-root products. Therefore you should create a driver which will hook ZwOpenProcess , ZwQuerySystemInformation , ZwTerminateProcess (KEY). This can be risky because if anything fails during run-time in the driver the chances are your whole OS will get corrupted so test these in Virtual Machine (VMware (GOOD ONE) )
There is also a high level chance that AV's will flag it \ detect it as a malware using heuristics or even Bit scanning.

The best chance to make it "UN-CLOSEABLE" is to write it to Boot sector (Master Boot Record) which is located in first sector of Hard Drive and then you need to hook few interrupts and such.

With this information it is almost impossible to make a FULLY non-closable program.

Hi, I was just reading through and I want to Hijack the topic, I have an anti-spyware program (Ad-Aware Antivirus). When I hit the exit button the program hides itself, puts an icon on the tool-bar, and a little message bubble pops up saying that the program will continue to run in the background.
I understand it's similar to where Spaceworm says how to handle the WM_DESTROY messages, but how do they put the icon on the tool-bar and hide in the background?
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WM_DESTROY != Process termination
Besides, you should have made a new thread maybe.

@Toad: You can make a popup window, create it with WS_EX_TOPLEVEL and it will always (almost) be on the top.
This sounds like mal-ware I don't think anyone should be giving him advice rofl
@ huike: Why not? Not only is this an interesting thought exercise but if OP is coming to us for help on how to make it then there's little chance that they know enough to make something that we can't handle. Besides it's not as if he's asking for an attack vector, it's just the payload portion that OP is wondering about.
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it doesnt malware. programs like plex, any blizzard game, and youtube go full screen without the buttons. they exit on a menu.
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